One Direction Jr.

Life is hectic in the house of One Direction.
The boys now have their own kids but they are still young. They still do concerts. Harry and Louis' kids are the oldest at age 10. The other kids aren't even in Kindergarten. Because Eleanor and Louis thought they were ready. Harry and Lexi couldn't wait to start a family and at 18 just imagine the pressure they thought after Lexi was pregnant for real.
Liam, Niall and Zayn waited. That puts their kids at ages 3 and four.
After publicity was too much for Lexi, She left Harry when Elliot was still young. Danielle and Liam broke up. Danielle sometimes takes their daughter on the weekends. Niall's Girlfriend was his best friend that came to visit from Ireland, Jamie was her name. Having to return to Ireland after the birth of her and Niall's baby due to her angry and disappointed parents. Zayn and Perrie are still going strong raising their twins. Eleanor and Louis are at rocky roads....
Take a look at the life of One Direction Jr.


1. Elliot and Tommy

-Harry's POV-

I sit in the car as me and Louis wait for Elliot and Tommy. Then I saw them walking down the side of the building I reconized the idendical curls to mine and the familiar swept hair Louis used to wear they saw the car and continued their conversation but towards us. As soon as they got in hearing range of us they stopped talking
Elliot's deep voice happened like mine too early his voice was really deep for his age and he looked pretty much exactly like me dimples curls and emerald green eyes he even had my height. Tommy was pretty much exactly like Louis too. short and his voice was high not quite deep but it was really high it sounded like Louis' he wore stripes almost every day and since he was born has HATED socks and always rolls up the ankles of his pants and loves denim jackets.
"Hey Dad" Elliot says as he slips into the back seat through the window
"Oh my god Dad guess what?!" Tommy says to Louis grabbing the back of his chair
"What?" Louis says smiling
"There's this girl and she's really fit and she sits beside me in class since Elliot got moved" I look over at Elliot
"And why did you get moved?" I asked
"Talking u guess but it's Tom's fault
"Is not" Tommy said
"Is too"
"Ok shut up!" Louis says chuckling they stop chuckling I look at Elliot
"Any girls talk your interest?" I asked he smirks his dimples popping
"I think my teacher is pretty fit" he said I put ,y hand up for a high five he slapped my hand
"My boy" I said turning in my seat. Louis started the car and we were on our way home.


AN: Hi,
I wrote this fan fiction because I was just wondering what would it be like if 1D had kids? :)
That's all comments and likes are always appreciated. I will update How Far Will She Go? Soon okay?! Thank you beautiful sailors
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