One Direction Jr.

Life is hectic in the house of One Direction.
The boys now have their own kids but they are still young. They still do concerts. Harry and Louis' kids are the oldest at age 10. The other kids aren't even in Kindergarten. Because Eleanor and Louis thought they were ready. Harry and Lexi couldn't wait to start a family and at 18 just imagine the pressure they thought after Lexi was pregnant for real.
Liam, Niall and Zayn waited. That puts their kids at ages 3 and four.
After publicity was too much for Lexi, She left Harry when Elliot was still young. Danielle and Liam broke up. Danielle sometimes takes their daughter on the weekends. Niall's Girlfriend was his best friend that came to visit from Ireland, Jamie was her name. Having to return to Ireland after the birth of her and Niall's baby due to her angry and disappointed parents. Zayn and Perrie are still going strong raising their twins. Eleanor and Louis are at rocky roads....
Take a look at the life of One Direction Jr.


3. Don't Worry They'll Love You

(Harry's POV)

"Hello everybody!" I say to the loud audience of Directioners
"Are you ready to see these twitter questions?!" Liam asks excitedly
We answer a few questions. When one comes up
"What are your sons names?"
Liam answers first
"My sons name is Alex, and he is 4 years old" Liam says the audience awws
"My son is named Jack and he is 3" Niall says
"I have twins, as some of you know they're names are Jacob and Jaxon. They are 3" Zayn says
"My son is named Tommy and he is 10" the audience cheers as Louis finishes I'm guessing all the 10 year olds hoping to get with our sons.
"My sons name is Elliot and he is also 10" I said the audience cheers.
I smile at the next question to come on
"Bring your sons out!! Pleeeease! xx :)"
"Sadly girls the younger boys are with Harry's Mum tonight but guess who's here?" Louis says
The audience breaks out into screams and claps as Elliot and Tommy walk out.
Elliot wraps his arm around my waist as I hug him
Louis does his hand shake with Tommy.
I see a girl about Elliot's age in the front row
"Stay here" I told him in his ear I walked forwards toward Paul
"Can we bring fans up?" I asked
"No sorry Harry" he said I frown but nod. Worth a try... I return to Elliot's side.
"What do you say Tommy, Elliot, sing a song with us?" Louis says the audience agrees
The beat for Live while were young starts to play.
When my part comes along I hand Elliot the mic
"and live while were young" he sings his voice like mine." Louis sings until it comes to his solo he hands the mic to Tommy.
"I wanna live why were young, we wanna live while were young" he sings his voice just like his father's beautiful.

Authors note:

Again, sorry for the suck chapter.
I might accept a Co-Author if anyone's interested list some of your writing ideas in the comments and I'll see if I like your ideas for the story and if so I'll let you Co-Author. Maybe you can help me get this story rolling.
Thanks xoxoxoxoxo

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