One Direction Jr.

Life is hectic in the house of One Direction.
The boys now have their own kids but they are still young. They still do concerts. Harry and Louis' kids are the oldest at age 10. The other kids aren't even in Kindergarten. Because Eleanor and Louis thought they were ready. Harry and Lexi couldn't wait to start a family and at 18 just imagine the pressure they thought after Lexi was pregnant for real.
Liam, Niall and Zayn waited. That puts their kids at ages 3 and four.
After publicity was too much for Lexi, She left Harry when Elliot was still young. Danielle and Liam broke up. Danielle sometimes takes their daughter on the weekends. Niall's Girlfriend was his best friend that came to visit from Ireland, Jamie was her name. Having to return to Ireland after the birth of her and Niall's baby due to her angry and disappointed parents. Zayn and Perrie are still going strong raising their twins. Eleanor and Louis are at rocky roads....
Take a look at the life of One Direction Jr.


6. Angry

1D Jr. 

-Tommy's POV- 

I sat in the office with Elliot. He held a tissue to his nose his other arm crossed across his chest angrily as he slumped in his chair. Burt got to leave with his parents but our dads had yet to arrive. 

-Louis' POV- 

Harry parked his car. 
"Don't be mad at him Harry" I said 
"I'm going to kill him" he said getting out of the car 
"What?" I said getting out of the car following him as he stepped over the curb. 
"I can't believe he would actually get into a fight" Harry said threw gritted teeth 
"Harry just don't get to worked up ok? You don't know why Elliot fought someone maybe it was self defense?" I said trying to reason with an angrybharryvwas like trying to reason with a brick wall. 

We walked into the school. Girls at our sons ages fan girling I hated the fact that this always happened when we had to come here. 

-Tommy's POV- 

I wiped the blood off of my lip with the tissue when the door opened. I saw my dad walk in I got up 
"Dad!" I said and hugged him he hugged me back Elliot and uncle Harry glared at each Other 
"Would you two like to talk about the incident?" The principal Mr. Denbluur said 
"No just send me an email I'd just like to take my son home." Harry said Elliot didn't move from his chair looking away from Harry. 

-Louis' POV- 

Elliot looked away from Harry. 
Harry walked over and picked up Elliot's bag Elliot rose up from his seat and took his bag 
"I got it" he said his injured face looking horrible. Harry thanked and shakes the principals hand once more before leading us put holding Elliot's arm. We got to the car 
"Get in" Harry said harshly really angry at Elliot. Elliot obeyed though getting in the car. 
Tommy got in I slid into the passenger seat 
Harry got in and started the BMW SUV. He turned to the backseat 
"Why Elliot?" Harry asked 
"I don't wanna talk about it" Elliot said looking out the window 
"Well I do spill." Harry said 
"Just drive dad." Elliot said having the same patience level as his father. 
"Why did you do it Elliot?!" Harry asked louder shouting now
"I was sticking up for Tommy! I was tired of people calling him a faggot!" Elliot shouted back 
Harry was silenced I look at Tommy guilt passing threw his face 
"Is this true Tommy?" Harry asked a bit calmed down Tommy nodded 
"Oh Im sorry Elliot I didn't know" Harry apologized 
"Why does that make it better?" Elliot asked 
"Because I did the same for Tommy's dad once." Harry admitted I patted his arm. 
"Really?" Tommy and Elliot both asked 
Harry nodded and turned around pulling out of the parking lot. 
The car ride home was quite awkward. 
I don't think he really needed to bring that up though.... 

Authors note: hey Directioners! 
What could Louis and Harry possibly be hiding?? What will happen to Elliot? Will he get grounded or will papa Harry let him off? Could the secret Louis and Harry are keeping change everything? 
Stay tuned! :) 
P.S Sorry I might not do the co-author thing but I'm starting another fan fic and I guess I can accept some co-authors to write it with me? 
Let me know below! 

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