What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


40. Your gay

Rae's POV
"Don't get back with him. Stay with me" haz ordered as we arrived at his flat.
"Drop it Harry." I snapped.
"Rae he's no good for you!" Haz yelled, trying to convince me. I sighed
"I said drop it." I muttered in a tired voice.
"No." He replied, seeming to enjoy my anger.
"Ok then I guess I'll be staying with Zayn for a bit eh?"  I snapped jokingly, when I stood he grabbed my arm pulling me back to him.
"Sorry. Ill leave it." I sighed
"I don't think you will. I'm going to stay at Lou's until he's better." I grabbed my duffle and walked out of Harry's flat without another word.


The only problem with me staying at Lou's flat alone is I'm terrified of being alone, especially in big empty places.
I Flicked on the tv, and started walking around the house, enjoying the background noise. Subconsciously I started humming kid CuDi,
"Rae? Haz told me to check in on you!" Zayn yelled from the door area.
"Coming!" I replied, opening the door and hugging him.
"Are you ok doll?" Zayn asked as he took in my appearance. I'm wearing one of Lou's old shirts, a pair of his boxers and my hairs in a high bun.
"Ya I just feel better wearing his clothes." I lied, the real reason is that I miss Lou so much it hurts, it hurts more than a million knifed stabbing me.
"Can I come in?" Zayn asked, standing awkwardly at the door. 
"Uh. I'm not so sure that's a good idea." I stated, but stepped to the side so he could enter.
"I brought step brothers." He held up the disk and I smiled, putting it in and relaxing.

"Bye Zaynie!" I called as he walked towards his car, he turned and waved. I sighed and turned I around walking back into the house, right before I closed the door a boot stepped into it, making it impossible to shut. Instantly I felt uneasy and sick. I felt anxiety build up in my stomach.
"Hey Rae." The voice muttered, I've never heard it before. I let go of the door knob racing into the kitchen and grabbing a big knife.  The guy entered the kitchen and I could see that he has long shaggy hair, and blood shot eyes.
"Who are you?" I yelled, my voice not showing my terror.
"I'm Louis friend from rehab. He wanted me to come check in on you. Make sure your safe." I narrowed my eyes, not believing him for a second. "Your fine. So ill be on my way, I won't tell him about quiffy." He turned and walked out leaving me standing shocked and confused.
"I just miss Louis." I convinced myself, side note: I think Harry might actually love Louis... What if... They're gay. That would be so horrid for me! I'd have been in love with not one but two gay guys! That's a awful thought! EW! But I guess if they're happy I would be happy. When Louis gets out ill have a talk with him. I he is gay than ill have to man up and let him leave me for Harry, or whom ever he wants to be with. 


"Rae!" I ran into Lou's arms and kissed him quickly.
"Man I've missed you." I whispered, into his chest, shoving my thoughts of his being gay to the back if my mind.
"Common. Lets go home" I signed him out of rehab and we left towards our house.

"Lou." I set down my fork and took a deep breath, he looked up at me and nodded for me to carry on. "Um....." How are you supposed to ask something like that!? "Harry's going to be happy your out of rehab." When I said his name there was no sparkle In Lou's eye.
"And?" He seems bored with the topic.
"Uh. That's all." I lied, glancing anywhere but his face.


Lou pushed me against the wall softly and continued kissing me.
"Stop." I whispered into his mouth. I can't sleep with him without asking! Lou ignored me and continued kissing me. I shoved him off of me and he complied, taking a step back. "I said stop!" I nearly yelled, 
"What's wrong?" He seems slightly hurt.
"I don't want you to kiss me! Your gay!" It seemed to fly from my lips without me allowing it to. Lou dropped my hand and stepped backward.
"You- know what? Your not even worth this crap." He snapped turning and walking out if the room.
"Nice. Real smooth Rachel. Good." I muttered under my breath. Pulling out my phone and dialing zayns number.
"Hello?" He answered on the first ring.
"I need you to come get me from Louis. I messed up." I ended the call and stuffed my usual duffle bag with clothes, the essentials. I can't handle the pain of rejection. so I need to get the hell outta here.
I heard something shatter from the kitchen and jumped. Shit. Grabbing my bag and racing towards the noise, Louis was standing in the middle of a mess of glass. It took all of two seconds to realize the glass is a picture frame, the picture was of us and is in the middle of the mess. Our smiles barely showing through the mound if shards. I stayed silent and watched as Louis kneeled down to pick up the picture, he whipped the glass off it and stood. He turned in my direction, but can't see me from my hiding spot behind the door jam, and I could see the tears in his eyes, spilling over slowly. I expected him to put the picture on the counter and call me to him, or at least sweep up the glass. But no. He pulled a move only an immature child would pull, he ripped the picture of us into a million little pieces. I took a shaking deep breath and shoved away from the wall, walking past him tearing our memory's apart, past the various items that I'd given him or he'd given me, past the bouquet of roses he had given me moments before. I walked to the door and swung it open, walking out of the flat, right into Zayn. "Lets go. Now." I muttered brushing past him towards his big black range rover that I've grown to love. The rain dampened my hair and dripped off my shoulders.
"What happened?" Zayn asked as the car stopped at a red light.
"*sigh* I don't want to talk about it." I muttered, remembering the picture being ripped to shreds.
"You seem really upset." Zayn stated, no shit I seem upset! My boyfriend just practically broke up with me!
"He ripped up a picture we took on our first date." I whispered, looking out of the window.
Zayn slammed on the brakes, the car spun ad i gripped his arm, my life flashing, a white flash if light, he yelled something I couldn't make out and the white light faded into black, the sound of metal ripping apart, or nails on a chalk board, or maybe a large amount of glass breaking.


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