What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


15. what have i done

raes POV

i arrived at nialls and payed the cabbie racing into his building. im terrifyed, and still a bit drunk. when i got to nialls door i knocked, no answer. i tryed again, no answer. i swore under my breath and tryed the door, it oped and i raced in locking it behind me.


-nialls POV-

i heard a knock at the door and looked at the clock on the side of my bed 1:30 am. this cant be good, i ignored it and they knocked again, i got up and went to my closet grabbing the bat i keep there. i heard the door open and slam shut. i raced down the stairs so i could see the door. i droped the bat and ran to rae, she was in a heap on the floor bawling her eyes out. 

"OHMYGOD ARE YOU OK RAE???????"she seems scared too. "no...." i picked her up and caried her to my room laying her on the bed and holding her close. 

"what happened babe" i asked sweetly

"h-harry he he he..." she started crying hard and i felt my self start to get pissed. she was drunk, very drunk. why is she alone. zayn should be taking care of her. why isnt he with her. 

"WHAT DID THAT ASS WHOLE DO" i screamed. she looked down at the bed and mumbled somthing. "what did he do?" i asked in a sweet tone this time. 
"he tryed to rape me..." i started crying myslef. harrys not that kind of guy, harrys sweet and caring, this cant be right. i told her i had to leave and walked out of the flat fuming. when i reached my range rover i jumped in and started it racing towards harrys house. bat in my hand.


i reached his flat and walked to the door opening it with allot of force. harry was on the couch half asleep. he saw me and smiled

"hey mate, whats up with the bat" i walked up to him and screamed

"YOU RYED TO RAPE RAE, IM GOING TO KILL YOU ASS HOLE." he looked shocked and then jumped from thee couch running away from me. i chased him and cracked him over the head with the bat, he hit the floor and blood sprayed the floor from his mouth. i realized what had just happened and called 911 coming up with a story about how a guy came in here and hit him, the ambulance got here in a matter of minutes and took him to the hospital.


i woke to rae on my chest sleeping soundly, i snuck out from under her and went to the medicine cabinet finding r some tylonal. she woke up when i got back and looked shocked.

"why am i here, wheres lou?" i sighed, of corse she doesn't remember last night. i walked over to her an called zayn to get her. when he got here i explained that she was so drunk she didn't remember what happned. after they left i went to the hospital to see if harry was in pain. i hope so, he deserves it. preying off someone as tiny and sweet as poor rae. 


when i arrived i saw that he was still asleep, i walked up to the doctor. 

"hes in a temporary coma, we dont know how long until he wakes up but if hes not up in 5 days..... im afraid its too late." i felt a stab of sadness pass through my body, hes my best mate.

i walked in the room and saw that he had a huge cast on his head and he was hooked up to allot of different machines. i grabbed his hand and apologized multiple times.


harrys POV

i heard talking. "HARRY im so sorry, please, please wake up" it was Niall;. i felt furry pass through me. its him fault im in here. he hurt me. i tried with all the life in my body to wake up, just so i could punch him. my eyes would not open.



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