What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


3. what a stupid move

i rushed out of the restaurant, bursting through the door and raced down the steps. when i got to the bottom i looked up and realized... we took harrys car here. i sighed and started to walk in the direction of my home while reaching into my purse to grab my phone and call kendra to come pick me up. my hand fumbled around in my purse for about a minute, still no phone. i pulled the bag off my shoulder stopped walking and looked inside for my phone. SHIT i just remembered i left it on the table with harry.

i spun on my heel and walked back to the restaurant. when i reached the stepped i composed myself before climbing them. i reached to top just as harry came bursting out the doors "RACHEL" he shouted sounding sad worried and sorry. him being much taller than me didnt see me yet. i started walking up to him getting ready to slap him. he glanced around and saw me stepping toward him.

------------harrys POV----------------

what a stupid move harry. god. she hates me now. my mind kept replaying the moment when she stormed out of the resturant. i finally looked away frm the doors and back at the table. hmmm. she left her phone here.... i picked it up and swiped the screen. DANG it needs a pass code. i tryed 1223 knowingb that thats the last 4 digets of her phone number. it unlocked and i saw 5 missed allerts. if i read those whell know i went on her phone, ill just look at her old messages. i went to her conversations and saw one with the title 'zayn<3' i quickly opened it to see..

to:rachel from:zayn<3

hey... so are you going to liams party tonight? cause i think we should talk? erm. well get back when you can... i wrote you a song..


to:zayn<3 from:rachel

you wrote ME a song??? what!? but yea i think i am going to the party. ill see you then, we can chat there.


ok but if i sing i think i deserve a kiss from you?


to: zayn<3

haha we will have to see about that one ;)



i turned off her phone an felt tears fill my eyes. i really like rachel... but shelikes zayn. well. we will have to see about her kissing him, she wont kiss him if shes not at the party.. i threw enough quid to pay for the meal on the table and walked out of the resturant. when i stepped out i called for rachel and realized she was standing on the step infront of me advancing towards me with her arm raised as if to slap. i looked at her and sighed "im soooo sorry rach.. i was stupid and not thinking staight, please give me another chance. and heres you phoe" i handed her the phone and she took it looking quite shocked at my words. i held out my hand and she took it in hers. we slowly stalked towards the car. she hopped in her side and sat there looking though the windsheld thinking.. "styles... if you ever pull that crap again... i swear to god i will never talk to you again." i put the keys in the slot, but before i started up my black range rover i turned to her cupping her face in my hands and kissed her. at first she froze up but after a second she kissed me back.



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