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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


31. trust me.

zayns POV
this time ill ask her out. if he runs then ill give up and end the connections i have with her. i walked into the shop we saw each other and checked my watch to see that im 5 minutes early. just then Rae walked in in a bark blue loose top and high wasted black shorts. i smiled and walked up to her wrapping my arm around her shoulder. she smiled and we started to walk towards a restaurant just down the road.


i stopped in front of toms house. jumped out of the car and jogged to Rae door opening it for her and helping her out. she stood up and i leaned in kissing her passionately. she kissed back and pulled away. 

"rachel, will you do me the honour of letting me call you my girlfriend." she looked down at the ground and didn't answer. 

"zaynie... i-i want to but i cant get hurt." she had tears on her eyes as she lifted her gaze to me.

"i promise, i won hurt you. trust me."

"ok." she leaned in and kissed me again i smiled and pulled away.

"is that a yes?" she nodded and i beamed. i finally have her. she's finally mine.


raes POV

-the next day-

"Rae?" i looked up from my phone texting zaynie to see john and tommy staring at me.


"we talked about it and we think you would make a great cover girl for KAY this month..." i beamed. ive always wanted to model!

"OK" they laughed.


"so just stand there and let me pose you." i nodded at what the photographer said. "smile slightly." i did as i was told. "ok now do you have a boyfriend? here?" i smiled and nodded. "call him. i would like to get some couple shots" i grabbed my phone and dialled zayns number.

"zaynie love. can you come to my photo shoot for KAY the want shots of me and my boyfriend" i could here him chuckle. he got here within twenty minutes. we hugged and the photographer made us pose.


-week later-

harrys POV

i walked out of our hotel room. were going home today. zayn says hes staying but he wont tell us why, hes been gone allot. he wont tell me where hes going. actually he wont tell anyone. the four of us arrived at the airport in mixed emotions. we haven't seen Rae since the shop. i hope she comes home.

"guys im going to get something for the ride. to read i think." they nodded as i walked towards the duty free shop. i walked to the magazines and saw one that caught my eye. i picked it up and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. im 100% sure that this is a joke. it has a picture of zayn hugging Rae smiling at her and her smiling back. the caption was 'inside the infamous couples love page 69' i was shocked.

"excuse me sir you have to pay for the magazine." i threw some quid at the lady and ran back to the boys. i threw the magazine at louis. he looked at me shocked.

"what the hell man?!" he yelled.

"JUST READ IT." he looked at me shocked. then turned to the magazine his eyes nearly popping out of his big head. he flipped to the page and we read intently.

 ' Q: so how long have you been together?

A: RACHEL: well a week, i know its not long but i truly do love him.

ZAYN: i love her, i have for a long time now.

Q: how did he ask you out?

A: RACHEL: we en out to dinner and he asked me after right before i went back tommy cousins house. he convinced me that we will last and that he wont hurt me.

ZAYN: how could i.' 

me and louis both looked at each other he had tears in his eyes, im sure i was no better. i looked down and read the article.

'the two are always touching. holding hands, hugging, or kissing. as we sat across from each other they shared some heartfelt glances and kisses. when asked if they plan on getting married some day the couple looked at each other and said yes. they may not be famous but rachel smith and zayn malik have had some time in the spot light thanks to her cousin tommy johnson. when she was on the radio before the couple started dating she explained that zayn malik was her favourite singer.'

i threw the magazine at Niall and Liam. the read it and looked broken hearted.

"how could they keep it a secret from us. what the hell." Liam yelled.

*buzz buzz*

from: EL<3 

hey haz. i hope you have a good flight. when you get back lets hangout yeah?


she's my best friend.


yes! i have to go but meet me at the airport!


-at the airport after flight.-

"el!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you" i hugged her tight and got confused glances from the boys.

"boys, this is my best friend el. el this is Niall, Liam, and louis." they all said hi and gave her small hugs. i couldn't help but notice that her and louis hug lingered..... hmmmm.


louis POV

i walked off the plane thinking of how much i love Rae how she just doesn't love me. i was teary eyed and depressed. we exited the airport and harry ran to someone. when i laid eyes on her all my feelings of Rae disappeared, it was like love at first sight. harry introduced us and we all hugged her. i felt a million fireworks when i touched her. the hug was long and sweet.

"el...." i muttered.

"do you ummm want to uh go to dinner?" i asked her hopefully.

"id love to." YES YES she said yes. yay. 


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