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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


7. The song

~skip to dinner~
Zayns POV
There's no hiding that I'm nervous. I've been pretending to be interested in this menu for the past 20 minutes. I didn't like Rachel at first but ever since that kiss at the party she's been on my mind. I think I'm hocked. I can't lie. I'm really sad that she wasn't at Liam's last night. He said that she called and told him she wasn't feeling well. I glanced up at her emerald green eyes and saw that they were filled with joy. "Zayn?" "Yes love?" "Is this a erm... Date?" I smiled. Of corse it was. I really like her. I wanted to scream YES YES YES but I stuck with a simple "if you want it to be" I winked as I said it. She blushed and looked down. " then I guess it is zayn" she said happily.. "So zaynie.. About that song..." I laughed "did you just call me zaynie?" She looked down at the table and answered silently "yea... BUT THAT SONG EH?" She smiled really big and I sighed "so I wrote this for you. Ill sing it to you after dinner." I passed her the paper I had it written on.
-Rachel's POV-
He handed me a crumpled worn away piece of paper. I slowly took it and opened it up. I read the words ( not gonna write the lyrics. Songs kiss me). When I finished reading them I looked up at him and smiled..
-skip to after they eat-
I stood up and grabbed his hand in mine as we walked to the car. When we got to the passenger side he unlocked it but before he could open up the door I grabbed his neck pulling his face down to mine and smashing our lips into each others. After kissing for at least 10 minutes we pulled apart as he helped me into the car.

When I walked into zayns flat I was shocked at the size. It's not big at all. I turned around and looked at zayn. His quiff is so cute today... The way it's perfectly styled is adorable. I walked towards him and he leaned down, we started making out and made our way over to the couch, our lips never breaking contact. We sat down and he ended up pushing me down on my back with him ontop of me. I felt his hand slowly ease under the hem of my vans shirt. His hand reached my cheat and squeezed lightly. I let out a small moan against his lips. *BUZZ* I groaned and picked up my phone
Louis POV
'Hello' rach sounded pissed when she answered the phone. 'Hey rach.. Bad time? It's Louis but I can call back later or?' 'Ok bye' I heard a deep voice grumble in the back round. I heard a someone hit somone else ' no Lou it's fine! What's up?' 'Who are you with??' I asked sadly I liked rach and she's with a guy... ' zayn' when she said his name she had a certain tone in her voice... RACHEL'S MINE. 'Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to chill but I can tell your busy.' I said holding back teArs I pressed end ins dropped my Phone. How is it that all 5 of us have fallen so far so hard for this girl. But she's perfect for me, look at us . We both are divas we both have a great sense of humor... I have to call an emergency mate meeting tomorrow for the 5 of us to come to an agreement.
Hey guys! So ill be updating as much as possible! I hope you enjoy the book. Please like so it can get popular! Comment with your opinion!!! Let me know if you want her to end up with someone, if your confused about somthing, just let me know!
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