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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


5. "Sick"

Rachel's POV I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a white towel. I walked over to the mirror and drew in the steam. I drew 5 hearts. One for each of the boys. I dried off and wrapped my hair up. I pulled on my bra and panties, and a blue strapless dress with black pumps. I blow dried my hair and straitened it. I did a quick swipe of maskera on each eye and then some liner, shadow, and gloss. I looked in the now dry mirror and smiled. I look alright tonight.


I sauntered into my kitchen picked up my phone off the counter and texted harry. To: styles from: me Hey styles. Can you come pick me up? Or should I get a cab to yours and meet you there? I set it down and did up my heels My phone started buzzing quite allot which meant I was getting a call. I swiped to answer. 'Hello?' 'Hey rach. It's Harry' ' I know styles' 'haha umm cab it over to mine and we will go to the party together' 'ok see you soon styles' I pulled the phone away and pressed the end button. harrys voice sounds funny... hmm, he must have a sore throat.

I jumped off my counter and walked out of my flat locking the door behind me. I stepped out into the chilled air and waved down a cab. When I arrived at Harry's I jumped out handing the cabbie some quid. I walked in and buzzed Harry. "Styles. Let me in" *buzz* the door unlocked and I walked in going up to Harry's flat. When I got to his door I opened it up and walked inside. "Styles?" I asked quietly. *bleach* I raced to his bathroom to find Harry on his knees flushing the toilet. "I'm sorry rach... You can go ill stay here all by my self......."


---Harry's POV---- I flushed down the empty toilet bowl pretending to have just thrown up. I told her to go but added a little bit of guilt to the end. "No styles! Ill call li and explain that your sick and we can watch a movie? Ok?" "Ok" I said with a fake weakness. Rach walked out of the room and pulled out her phone. I made sure she was gone and smiled. Good luck getting that kiss now zayn. He may be my best mate but Rachel's mine. She's mine. I stood up and slowly walked out of the bathroom pretending to feel weak.

"Paranormal activity marathon?" She asked sweetly "y-yea" I said with a fake weakness "rach you are all dolled up. Do you wanna borrow a shirt and sweats? " I asked polity. "Thanks styles. Ill go find one. Be right back." She walked into my room and I smiled. Now she's wearing my clothes. By the end of tonight I bet she will be mine. She came back in the room just as I plopped down on the couch. She was wearing a plain blue shirt and a pair of my boxers. I beamed. She looks gooood in my clothes. She sat down next to me and snuggled close. I pressed play and we started the movies.

Good luck zayn.

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