What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


18. need to forget

louis POV

i opened my eyes and felt the sun hit my face. i looked beside me. shes here!!!!!!!!!! yay, i can tell somethings up. her eyes were red and puffy last night. like she had been crying.i shook off the thought of her sad and jumped from bed and tried to wake her up.

"RAE RAE RAE, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE GET UP" I smiled, as she jumped up and looked aroud. "just kidding love, i just want you to wake up" hmmm did i see sadness in her eyes when i called her love? does that have anyting to do with zayn?

"lou you better be making breakfast" i laughed and shook my head no, THE QUEEN DOES NOT MAKE BREAKFAST. S sighed and looked up at me with the cutest puppy dog eyes ive ever seen, god i love her. "please lu lu? for me?" she said is sugar coated, dragging out the 'e' sound. 

"fine.. but can i get a kiss?" i hope she cant hear the egging in my voice, i want those lips on mine once again. i love rae, im in love with rae. i felt soft red lips push up against mine and i shiver went down my spine. i need more than just a peck. i pulled her closer, feeling her body press against mine as our lips molded together.


rachels POV

he pulled me closer and i loved it, zayn needs to be off my mind. gone. forever? no, only until i dont love him and he cant hurt me anymore. i felt the kiss deepen and his lips curved into a slight grin, i smiled too and slowly pulled away. instantly i craved is lips again. lou has that effect over me. he always has. 

'i hate when it rains all i really do is sit on my ass' i smiled liuke a fool. thats zayns ringtone. i was about to pick up my phone and answer it when i remembered that lou is right there and i want to forget zayn. i hit ignore and turned back to lou.

"so... boo bear.. about those pancakes?" he laughed and turned towards his door. i sprung to my feet, standing on the messy bed and jumped onto his back nuzzling my head into his neck. he laughed and ran out the door, down the hall, and into his kitchen. when we got in the kitchen he sat me down on the counter and leaned in, once again we kissed passionetly for some time.



zayns POV


it rang twice. two fucking times. i  growled under my breath and stumbled down the hall towards my liquor cabinet  i cant be sober.i pulled out my best vodka and sat down on the floor 

"IM ALL OUTTA FAITH, THIS IS HOW I FEEL, IM COLD AND I AM SHAMED LYING NAKED ON THE FLOOR" i screamed the lyrics. i hate this, being in love crap. i felt my thoughts go fuzzy and took another swig of vodka, i dont need love. i have booze. i smiled. another swig. after laying on the floor drinking from the bottle ever few seconds i put it to my lips, tipped it back but nothing came. 

"FUCK" i clumsily stood and tried to reach into the cabinet grabbing out a bottle of jack danelles. i slid my back down the wall, uncapping it and chugging some back. i tried to recap it but couldn't do it, another sip. i layed down. another big gulp. i stood the bottle upright next to me but it fell, spilling all over me. i sighed as i felt my eyes droop. 


i woke hungover. i sighed got up from my spot in the hall picking up the empty bottles and going into my room. throwing them in the trash on the way. when i got to my rome i saw my 'cool kids dont dance' shirt on the foot of the bed. i stumbled to it, picked it up and inhaled. it smells like rae... i looked down and saw dirty raggy clothes. i need a one night stand. a new love, or a temporary love. i went into my over sized closet ignoring the empty space that held raes clothes.


"hiiii" the blonde slurred. i smiled, perfect, shes came to me, shes already drunk too.

"ello love" it slid out of my mouth in a drunk but sexy British accent. she giggled as a checked her out. 

"well have two of what she was drinking earlier" i said to the bar tender. when she slid us the drinks i downed mine and felt what ever it was hit me, whoa. i blonde sipped hers and smiled at me.

"so love, how bout we go to mine?" i dont care about getting to know her, she sloppily nodded and i grabbed her hand


raes POV

i snuggled closer, lou had picked, of coarse  paranormal activity marathon. it doesn't scare me anymore but hey, its till a bit freaky. he laughed as the lady got dragged down the stair over and over again.

"now, rae love. why in the world would she be stupid enough to keep running back up the stairs after being dragged down" i smiled oh lou.

"lou lou lou... shes just not that bright." i giggles and looked up at him. i quickly scooted away laying down with my legs draped over him. he smiled and covered me with the blanket. 

"lay with me?" he looked shocked but quickly layed next to me wrapping me in his arms. i turned my head to him and smashed my lips into his. the screams from the movie were ignored as the kiss deepened  his hands roaming down my back and then back up. i put my handing in his hair and wrapped my legs around him pulling him closer. i love the way our bodies mold together. 

"lou love? this couch is not comfortable " i said it suggestiveness seeping into my voice against . i felt him grin as he heard my words. he shifted us into a sitting position  i stood and turned towards his room when he grabbed my wrist an pulled me back, once again our lips met and i put my hands in his hair. he reached down and squeezed my arse showing he wanted me to jump, i did and he lifted me carrying my to his room. our lips never breaking contact. we collapsed on his bed his hands flying out to his sides so he doesnt land on me. i smile and pull him on top of me. the kiss went into something more as his hands tugged at the hem of my shirt slowly pulling it off. i smiled and reached for his. when his abbs were exposed i ran my hands over them. he moaned against my lips and i let my hands find the clasp of his pants, undoing them quickly. i slid them down and reached my hand over his boxers palming his bulged. he moaned loudly.

"you t-tease" he moaned into my hair. i smiled as he unclasped my bra and placed my lips against his again, moving my hands back to his hair. he reached down, lips still pressed to mine and clumsily undid the button on my jeans. he pulled them off me and placed his lips on my neck slowly kissing down. he kissed down my stomach and reached to his night stand pulling out the silver little square he pulled off his boxers and put it on. my eyes never left his face. hes perfect, like perfect. him and zayn have the same- NO RAE. i pulled my thoughts back to lou as he slid my panties down and looked up a tmy face. i smiled and reached for his head puling it down to mine.  

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