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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


19. mine

zayns POV

im not sure how long ive been laying awake starring at the roof. i glanced to the tall blonde asleep on the bed next to me. ugh. wheres my phone? ohhh there it is. i picked it up and dialed raes number i need to talk to her.

*ring* *rin-hello? 'RAE?' 'zayn....' the tone in her voice was hard to identify, it was sad mixed with anger, and guilt. 'rae, im so sorry for storming off like that' 'zayn, i cant do this right now' why cant she? wait. she called me zayn... not zaynie. fuck. 'rae love, please. just listen.' 'zayn i have to go' i heard a deep mumbling in the background. shes in louis bed... i hit the end button and started crying.

"erm.. are you ok?" i heard the blonde asked. SHIT i forgot she was here. "who ever rae is shes a bitch" was she trying to comfort me? i turned to her and gave her the fakest smile possible.

"i think you should go now." she looked pissed, but then she got up grabed her clothes and dressed. storming out of my flat.


raes POV

i shouldn't have answered the phone, i felt the tears slowly escape my eyes. i rolled away rom lou, trying to hide the water marks on my cheeks, he sighed.

"rae love, zayn doesn't deserve you. you should be mine." i turned back to him and smiled. "ah and rae.. last night was..." his sentence trailed off and he smiled. i giggled and kissed him. he kissed back then pulled away. "rae... will you be my girlfriend?" he said it with a sweet romantic voice. i felt a army of butterfly's attack my stomach. i cant run from zayn in fear of getting hurt and do the same with lou.

"yes..." before i could stop myself the words slid from my mouth.


louis POV

"yes..." shock flew across her face. i beamed. i finally got her to myself. shes finally mine. she quickly sprung from the bed and picked up her bra and panties. i watched her dress and followed her with my eyes as she walked into my closet. a second later she came out in one of my shirts, i smiled, and got up pulling on some boxers as i walked towards her. i picked her up and spun her around in the air.

"loooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu put me downnn" she sounded so happy.



nialls POV

raes coming over tomorrow, to stay for a whole week. im so excited. were gonna have the best time. ill make sure she loves me. *bbbbbbbeeeeeeeeepppppppp* i picked up my phone and read the txt.


niall, mate raes staying here... i asked her out. shes mine now. but me and her were thinking all of us (you, me, rae, zayn, liam, and harry) should go to a club tonight yeah?


"AAHHHH " i yelled as i threw my phone at the wall. i felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. i walked to the phone and picked it up. it has a long crack across the screen now. and there's a dent in the wall.

to: lou

sounds good. ill be at yours at 5.


i dropped the phone walking into my closet punching the walls and throwing everything off the shelves UGH. im going to get rae, ill take her from him. ill steal her. ill break him.



raes POV


i got lou to call the mates, planning our night. i walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his body. he hugged me tight and muttered "mine..." i smiled into his chest and walked out of the room. his long arms snaked around me from behind.

"where are you going love?" i smiled. it was great having him call me love.

"too have a shower." i felt him tense.

"can i come love?" i giggled and felt my face grow red.

"no...." he sighed loudly and i escaped his grasp. i ran to the bathroom and closed the door, locking it behind me. i ignored him pounding on the door and stepped into the shower.



i stepped out our room smiling at my reflection. i look good.

"lou? are we going soon?" im ready, im in the same outfit i wore 5 weeks back at the party that changed everything.

"yes love, niall just got here." i smiled, i haven't seen nialler in forever. i ran out of the room and down the hall. when i reached the room where they were i ran to nialler and hugged him tightly. he hugged back and i saw lou give his a jelous glare. i pulled away and walked to lou kissing him on the lips quickly and picking up my purse.


i sipped at my drink. the tension between me and zayn was crazy.

"rae love? i have to go to the loo ill be right back." lou stood and left to the washroom. niall liam zayn and harry all turned to stare at me.

"so erm... rae... is it true, that you and louis are a thing now?" niall sounded lik it was the last thing he wanted, i nodded and looked down at the table, feeling the anger in all of there features.

"fuck..." i looked shocked, liam never swears at me. never. zayn mumbled something about how he cant do this sober and went to the bar, niall and liam followed. leaving me with harry.

"why lou, rae. why not me." he sounded hurt. i felt tears fill my eyes. i cant take this. where the hell was lou.


harrys POV.

now or never harry. just do it. i leaned in and tilted her chin up. she didn't move away but she had fear in her eyes. i leaned in and kissed her. she tryed to push away but i put my hand on her neck holding her in place. i pulled away satisfied with myself to see a sad louis the tommo tomlinson tearing up at the end on the table. rae slapped me across the face and pushed me away.

"you ass hole. never ever pull any shit like that again" she looked so sad. she turned away and stood walking to lou and probably explaining how i had forced her lips to mine. his fists clenched and i knew i was in shit. he turned to me, anger flooding his features. he turned and walked out of the club. wait, what, why isnt he hurting me. i shot rae a confused face but she was watching lou storm out of the club. just then a very drunk zayn, niall, and liam got to the table.


nialls POV

good. louis gone, with any luck they had a fight. im not gonna lie, im a bit drunk. but hey, its a club. rae was starring at the door that lou had just walked out. she looked sad, i grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor.

"common, lets dance" she smiled up at me and we started dancing laughing and having a good time. the music changed to a slower song, and i moved closer to her grabbing her by the small of her back, i leaned in and pressed my lips to hers softly, i was shocked and please when i felt her start to kiss back.


raes POV


RACHEL STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are you doing, push away!!!!! i cant, his lips feel so good on mine. i finally got up the strength to push him back. i looked at the floor and turned from him, walking back to our table. i saw all the boys, even louis, starring at me. they saw.

"rae. come with me." lou commanded. i followed him into the street and looked at his sad/angry face.

"so with harry i believed that he made you. i went and got air and let my anger go. but for me to see you kissing niall right after harry. i think- i just dont know.  rae these ar- were my best mates. i dont know why they would both make you kiss them. i dont trust you rae,i want to but i cant. you kissed niall. i saw it. were not done, were just not good at the moment. sorry." with that he turned and left. i sat on a bench and called the one person who i know i can get to pick me up.

'hello?' "hi ryan? its rae, i need you to come get me'

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