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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


8. meeting

louis POV 

i woke up the next morning and sent the boys a group text

 TO: hazza, dj malik, daddy direction, nialler

hey mates. we need to talk. be at mine at 11 sharp. see you guys soon.


they all replied with a ok. i got out of bed and pulled on some red skinny jeans and a blue and white shirt. -----skip to when boys get there-----

"hey mates" i said slowly "sit own guys, this is important." i ordered.

they all sat. 

----no ones POV----

this is how the conversation went. niall is n, harry is h, louis is lou, liam is li, zayn is z.

lou: ok guys. so i know that we all like rachel. its no secret that we have feelings for her.

z: please. shes basicly mine, we went on a date last night and then made out. it was perfect.

n:wait... zayn... i took her to lunch yesterday and we kissed.

li: how many of us has she kissed.

all the boys raised there hand and looked around getting pissed.

h: BACK OFF GUYS shes mine. me and her have chemistry

n:please, harry, she likes me. not you.

h: niall, hate to break it to you but you've never had a girlfriend, what makes you think she will change that!?

N: b-because i i i just k-know..

niall looked at his hands and tried to hide the tears the were brimming in his eyes.

lou:harry... that was uncalled for. plus. she is mine, i haven't kissed her since the party but we havent had much time alone.

h: mates. she lied to you, she stayed over at mine the night of liams party. so shes mine.

li: wait... what? I KNEW SHE WASN'T SICK she was fine at the dinner we had right before the party.

h: dont take it to the heart liam. girls just like me more than all of you.

lou: liam. your daddy direction, don't you think you should be a bit more grown up.

li: IM ALWAYS THE GROWN UP ONE. this time im done with that shit. im falling for her. i think

 h: fine. lets all spend one week with her, and just her each, durring this week if she wants to stay at our houses then she can, but if another one of us texts or calls her durring that week then we are kicked from the group and shunned.

all the boys nodded in agreement, but zayn. zayn was glaring at liam.

z: liam. shes just your rebound. why would you play her and then break her.

li: ok im out of here. zayn. if you think i would "play" her then go fuck yourself.

liam stormed out of louis flat with tears streaming down his red cheeks he was furious.

---- at rachels flat----

rachels POV


ok i need to do some soul searching, i think i like all the boys. i got out of bed and checked the time 12:02 wow! i slept in! i saw that i had 10 missed alerts. i sighed 'gee i wonder who that is' i thought sarcastically . i turned off my phone and set it down. i pulled out my ipod and plugged it in putting on my favorites play list.

'too close' started playing and i smiled. i love this song. i decided i would clean my osiris high tops and watch pitch perfect. i know that sounds odd but its a fun thing for me to do and it helps me think. (it actually does, i do actually do that sometimes) i grabbed a old tooth brush, a knife, and some toothpaste. i turned off my ipod and pressed play and started scraping the rocks out of the bottom with the knife.

---inner thoughts---

zayn... i think hes adorable, and i think he really likes me, but so does liam, and harry, and niall, and louis... well shit. i know hat now ranking them louis is at the bottom liam and zayn are at the top. fine. ill let fait decide.

----end of inner thoughts----

i picked up my phone tuniing it on, "holly mother of fucking Jesus Christ" i yelled to myself. 32 missed alerts.

i decided to call li, hes the most clam of them and hes texted me 10 times. it rang twice then he picked up ' zayn i told you to fuck off.' whoa, this is not the li i know... 'li? its not zayn its rae...'

'ohmygoshimsosorry' he said quickly without pausing 'its ok! whats up with zayn' ' nothing that concerns you love' 'haha ok li, god your always so sweet to me' ' so erm... me and the boys decided that erm you should stay with each of us for a week at a time... just to- just for shits and giggles' he said. i laughed for a second and said ' li!!!!! that sound great... but you know its just for shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits'





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