What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


11. in a way this was worse

sorry for not updating earlier, i was at my friends being dumbass rednecks XD.


ive been at liams 4 days now, only 3 more to go, i don't know weather im happy to be here or not. i cant hide my feelings from liam, even when he pisses me off, he reads me like a book.

"hey babe" liam said as he walked into my room, i spun and ran to him.

"li!" i said as i jumped into his arms. i changed my mind. i HAPPY as hell i love liam, hes the nicest person alive.. all we've done is watch movies and make out, nothing less. nothing more.

'i hate when it rains... all I really do is sit on my ass,Thinking of the next scheme just to double my cash'

i heard rain by kid cudi start playing. i smiled, that's zayns ring tone.. i hustled liam out of the room lying and saying its my mom. i slid the screen and put it to my ear

'hello?' i asked, no reply

'ZZZAAAYYYYNNNIIIIEEEE' i said loudly into the phone. still no reply. i was about to press end when i heard zayn yelling on the other end

' HARRY shes mine, i don't care about you, liam, niall, or louis. i'm in love with her, shes staying at my house next! and probably not leaving...' zayn yelled, i felt my heart sink, he was talking about being in love with a girl. i thought e liked me.. and shes staying at his house? i guess ill stay with harry next.. i kept listening

' zayn, get over it, i love her, ive known her longer, she is mine' i felt a stab of pain as harry said that, i guess i should be grateful. not all the attentions on me. good? i fought the urge to turn off the phone and cry,

'zayn harry, your both a sower of cunts. shes mine' that was obviously niall... that one hurt a little more than harry, a little less than zayn, i started crying. i shouldn't care. i have liam, liam and i are almost together.

'wait... do you guys here that, one second.' i heard zayn say, i heard the phone being moved around.

'FUCK rae!? are you there' i held back sobs and mumbled yes. zayn sighed. i heard the rest of the boys asking 'what?' 'rae?' 'as in rachel?' i sighed

'i have to go, why don't you call the girl your fighting over' i mumbled, i heard some laughing

'rae... that girl.. shes you' niall slowly mumbled. i hit the end button panicking and thew the phone on the bed. i flopped down and bawled, in a way this was worse.

i started sobbing into my pillow, i cried out loudly and liam came bursting into the room.

"rae???? Whats wrong?" i ignored his questions and sat up extending my arms, he ran over and hugged me pulling e close. "babe... i cant help you if i dont know what happened.." i started crying harder into his chest. of course i cant tell him whats wrong...


the next morning i woke up cradled in liams arms with my eyes stinging from crying all night. i glanced up at him to see his sound asleep with a worried look on his face. i cuddled closer and thought about the phone call, what will i do?! i need to find away to figure out who i like.

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