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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


26. im home

raes POV

i frowned as i woke up, i wanted to sleep in. i looked next to me and saw harrys curls sprawled out over the pillow and him sleeping peacefully. i smiled and got up heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. while scrabbling the eggs i felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and i smiled.

"rae, love. let me finish making breakfast you go relax" i turned and quickly pecked his lips walking into the tv room and turning i on.


*knock* i jumped and broke contact with harrys lips.

"one second!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled towards the door. as i was walking to the door i glanced in the mirror and frowned, because of me and harrys making out my hairs a mess and my lipsticks smeared. i sighed and answered the door.

"SUPRI- hold the fuck up. what have you been doing?!!!!" i gasped as i saw my older brother colton standing in front of me.

"EEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKK COLTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i ran to him an jumped into his arm. its been almost a year sense i last saw him. i stepped back and he frowned pointing at my hair.

"shit. rae.... who is this harry guy?!" i just realized that im at harrys, How did he find me?! as if he was reading my mind he answered "i went to your flat and 4 boys answered the door, when i asked where you were they asked who i was and then told me here."

"THEY WERE AT MY FLAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" colton laughed and pushed past me into harrys flat. "please, come in" i said sarcastically earning myself a headlock.

"rae love? who was it at the door?" i sighed, coltons not going to be happy im staying with a guy. hes always been protective over me, even before our parents were brutally snatched from us. i felt tears creep into my eyes as thought of them, colton noticed and hugged me. he always has his way of knowing what im thinking.

"rae.. lets have a good time, they would want us to be happy." i nodded and leaned into his chest letting a few tears escape.

"haz, come in here please!" i yelled back. he rounded the corner shirtless, curls bouncing a he walked with a little bit of my lipstick on his mouth. he frowned when he saw me hugging colton with my face buried in his chest. i gave him a warning glare and hugged colton tighter.

"colton, this is harry. harry this is my brother colton." harrys eyes widened and colton laughed sarcastically, i could tell he was pissed at the fact that harry had some of my lipstick on his face. i felt him tense up. he has anger problems like me.

"mate, id go put a shit on if you know whats good for you. and, that color is better on my SISTER" harry quickly ran to go put a shirt on and i glared at colton.

"really colty?! i really like him!!!!!!!" and niall, zayn, louis, and liam. but i kept that to myself. i jumped on his back and he grabbed my legs pulling me onto his back so he was piggybacking me. i laughed and messed up his flip hair.


zayns POV

me and the boys (not harry) walked into raes clean flat, i noticed a knife on the floor and frowned. that ryans knife. it has his name engraved into it. just then i heard a knock on the door. i shot the lads a worried look but decided to answer it. when we did i saw a tall blond guy with a blue NEFF snap back and the same big green eyes as rae, he actually looks alot like rae.. weird.

"ummmmm, is rae here?" he said in a deep voice, he seemed mad that 4 boys answered the door.

"actually no. who are you?!" niall demanded sorta rudely. i looked at him and turned back to the guy.

"yea who are you and why does rae concern you?" i glared at us.

"im colton." i frowned. that doesn't help at all. i looked at the boys and saw liam looking shocked.

"wait. colton? like raes brother?" i frowned at liam, how did he know who raes brother is?!

"yes, now tell me where my SISTER is before i beat the shit out of all of you." he stated simply. i gave him directions to harrys and slammed the door.

"what the fuck. hes an ass!" i yelled. liam looked at me and frowned.

"zayn, he taught rae to fight. hes part of the reason for her anger problems. his are worse." i sighed and walked away.

" liam, if you know about her brother do you know about her parents?" i spun on my heel when louis asked. thats something i want to know. why havent we met them or heard of them? he glanced at the ground and scratched his neck nervously.

"ummm.......................................... when she was 15 they went on a flight to visit her brother, the plane crashed and they didn't make it. hes the only thing she has for family." i felt like i had been punched in the gut, that explains her anger issues. liam whipped his eyes and the boys were looking at the ground sadly.


coltons POV

me rae and that guy harry were watching paranormal activity and rae was sitting next to me, i frowned when  realized that shes not afraid. she hates scary movies. or she did a year ago. i looked to harry and saw his looking at rae and me. i glared at him, he quickly looked away. 


"here is the guest room, its not that ig, sorry mate." harry said to me. i nodded.

"thanks." i don't like him being with my sister, it worries me. he seems like a player. i walked up to him and he slowly backed away.

"ok listen up 'harry'" i said his name with venom in my voice. "if you ever, EVER hurt my sister i will kill you. and dont think i wont. rae and i.. we have anger issues. we dont think when we act." he smiled and i felt anger take over.

"WHAT THE FUCKS SO FUNNY?!" he too another step back.

"i dont plan on ever hurting your sister, and i know about her anger problems. shes punched a few of my mates." i smiled. thats my rae.


harrys POV

i walked out of the room. man, coltons terrifying. i saw rae asleep on the couch and smiled. i walked over and picked her up. carrying her into our room. i laid her down and tucked her in. crawling into my side of the bed.

"haz... your amazing." i smiled and looked at her. she must have woken up on the walk into the room. i rolled over and leaned i about to kiss her when colton burst into the room. he saw our lips inches away and laughed.

"oh im sorry, did i interrupt?" i sighed, and moved away from rae. she got up and stormed over to him.


"sorry rae.." she glared at him and i flinched as her fist his his arm. he winced but didnt try to hit her back. she hit him again and again, he just stood still and took it. i jumped from the bed.

"rae stop. please love" she stopped and walked to me. i glared at colton she embraced me in a tight hug and let go walking to the nearest wall and punching it.

"i love how when you come home my anger come out." she looked at him as she said it. right after the words left her lips she looked at the ground. i looked to see colton walk to her, hug her tight.

"i know, and i know that your thinking of tem. but they love us and wouldn't want us to fight. rae i love you." i was confused. rae looked up with tears in her eyes and hugged him. i dont understand this relationship.


i hope you understand what happening in the story, sorry i didnt update for a few days. hope you like the chapter, and coltons character. hes based on my brother colton. let me know what you think in the comments. <3 -maybry





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