What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


39. Hospitalized

"Li!" I yelled running into Liam's arms.
"Re!" He replied hugging me back.
"Lord I've missed you" I muttered into his chest, closing my eyes, inhaling his sent.
"If you want you can come stay with me while Lou's in rehab!" 
"I better not.." I muttered. Pulling away from the hug. He nodded

 Harry moaned into my hair when my phone went off, I opened my eyes and let the wake a bit. I sighed and answered it,
"Herro?" I muttered, glancing at the clock
"Rachel. It's Conrad. Some of your little friends trashed my place. Tell the to watch there backs." The Line went dead and I shrugged it off. He's probably trying to scare me.

"Where are they?" I yelled, the  nurse guided me to a room at the end on the hall where Niall and Liam were bed ridden. Both in comas brought on by none other than Conrad. I slid down the wall in tears. This can't just happen! It can't! Harry was in the room a second later, followed by Zayn, and then two cop like men holding Louis.
"Hey Rae Rae." Lou basicly hissed, giving me a frightening smile. I took a step towards him and hugged him.
"Please Lou, please get the help you need. If your sober and happy again than I'm yours, just get the help you need" I begged, tears sliding down my cheeks.

Nialls POV
me and li were pissed after finding out that Conrad raped Rae. We drove to his house and fucked it up a tad. 

I yawned as Liam made our dinner, he came over to chill, I heard someone pounding on my door and walked to it, beer in my hand. I opened it and the ass Conrad was standing there angry.
"Hey mate." I sarcastically spat. He threw a punch and jumped on me, I blacked out.


Lou's POV
we got to the hospital, the men having to restrict me as I saw Rae, my anger flared. How dare they throw me in rehab. I don't need it! All I did was a few lines! When I get out Rachel and I are going on a trip, a trip far away from here, she's going to be with me weather she likes it or not! 
"Hey Rae Rae" I hissed, if I weren't being held back I would have punched her. Sending me away... He caught me off guard by hugging me and crying into my chest 
"Please Lou, please get the help you need. If your sober and happy again than I'm yours, just get the help you need" her words made we smile slightly, that's all I want. All I want is my Rachel. I kissed the top of her head softly and stepped away, being lead out of the hospital back to my room with my crazy heroin addicted roomate.
"Hey Louis" he smiled when I got dumped into the room
"Hi." I quickly replied, feeling out of my element in the small stuffy room.
"This is my 5th time. What about you?" He shocked me.
"First. I'm sobering up and staying that way. I love Rae." I know he doesn't know who she is but I still felt the need to tell him. He nodded and layed on his bed.



Rae's POV
"Don't get back with him. Stay with me" haz ordered as we arrived at his flat.
"Drop it Harry." I snapped.
"Rae he's no good for you!" Haz yelled, trying to convince me. I sighed
"I said drop it." I muttered in a tired voice.
"No." He replied, seeming to enjoy my anger.
"Ok then I guess I'll be staying with Zayn for a bit eh?" 

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