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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


28. home

raes POV

its been a full week. a full week of me and colton. a full week of being in a foreign land. a full week of missing home and the people there.


"what about this one?" i laughed. colton had put on a pair of pink heart shaped sun glasses and posed.

"OMG colt those are like soooo hot eh?" i said it in an American accent. he laughed and then went serious. i smiled and gave him a look that says 'what!?'. he pointed behind me and broke into a huge grin. i spun around and saw none other than our gay cousin tom.

"TOMMY!?" he spun around as i called him the nickname i gave him as a child. he ran to me and scooped me up spinning around and then setting me down.

"what are you two doing here? do you have a place to stay?" i smiled and nodded,

"yea, were staying in the hotel just down the road. i think its called the Melbourne..."

Tommy wrapped his arm around my waist

"fuck that. tomorrow ill pick you two and your things up and you can stay with me and john until you leave! ill be there at 9:30" i grinned

"kay Tommy, but WHOSE JOHN???" Tommy laughed and said that we will chat over lunch tomorrow. colton nodded and hugged him, he hugged me again and left. me and Tommy have always been close. were only 3 years apart and we used to have sleepover and gossip and just do girl things. we knew he was gay at a young age. he never got along with the other guy cousins and me being the only girl on our moms side of the family was his best friend.


zayns POV

im starting to lose hope. me and the boys have been in Australia for a week looking for rae. were staying an a hotel thats in the town shes in its called the Melbourne. were in a shop just down the road.

"zayn... i think we should just leave mate. i miss her too but i dont think we will find her." harry looked down with his hands shoved in his pockets as he muttered the words. i glared at him, louis, niall, and liam are all out at lunch. just as we were about to leave i heard some one yell 'TOMMY' i sighed. it sounds like rae.... i looked towards the sound and saw rae standing here hugging a guy. i frowned. colton was standing behind er awkwardly. i tapped harry on the shoulder and pointed to rae and colton. he smiled but frowned when he saw the guy snake his arm around raes waist. she grinned at something he said and he hugged colton and then rae once again hugged him tight.

i started walking towards rae, her body was facing me but she was looking over her shoulder at colton who was facing away from both of us waving at that guy. she bumped into me and i smiled. her head whipped around and she looked into my eyes.

"ZAYN?! what are you doing in Australia?"  i laughed

"finding you love. i couldnt let you leave." she smiled slightly and i leaned in lightly kissing her on the lips. she instantly kissed back and i felt sparks travel up my spine. i fel her get pulled away and i felt a hand on my shoulder. i open my eyes and sa colton carrying her out of the store. i tryed to run but a hand held me in place. i looked behind me to see harry fuming, behind him was a angry louis, a sad niall, and a teary eyes liam. i looked at them and smiled.

"i found he-" i stopped speaking as a fist collided with my jaw sending me backwards falling on my ass. i jumped up and ran at harry punching him in the face.

"STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" rae ran between us and colton came shortly after shoving a phone into his pocket.


coltons POV

i turned away from Tommy to see rae locking lips with some guy with a quiff. i groaned and walked to them grabbing her away and walking towards the door. she started punching my chest and trying to bit my arms so i would put her down.

"colton! PUT ME DOWN!" i sighed and set her down holding her arm tight so she cant run back.

*buzz buzz* i yanked my phone out of my hand and saw a picture of my ex girlfriend flash onto the screen, i miss her, i loved her, she broke me. i quickly answered because i would do anything to get her back.


"colton! i miss you! im so sorry. i should have never broken up with you. please come home." i smiled.

"mel, i miss you too! ill be home noon tomorrow! meet me at the airport!" i hung up and turned to rae to explain. she was gone, so i ran back to the shop stuffing m phone in my pocket to se... HARRY?!. i ran to him and punched him in the face

"Leave me baby sister alone."  i saw quiffy starring at me. he was the guy rae had kissed. he has blood on his face.

"rae... i need to talk to you," a guy with suspeners and pink pants said. i sighed.

"NO you dont. rachel needs to come talk to me. you need to go. you too harry, and you quiffy. suspenders go. Blondie... just no. and baldy, get out now." they all stared at me with angry and shocked looks. i grabbed rae and dragged her out of the shop.

"Im going home."

"wait... what! colt? to london?" i frowned

"no... to chillawack. mel called... she wants me back" she nodded.

"ok... ill stay with tom until i go home..."

"stay away from those boys rachel." she frowned




louis POV

did he seriously call me suspenders? ugh.

him and rae are gone. i need her. i need to apologize. i need her.



i just wanna thank all of you for reading my story <3

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