What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


27. gone. foever?

raes POV

i love him but god!! can he leave yet?! coltons been staying at harrys with me for almost a week now and ugh, this week was awful. every time me and harry would kiss or hug he would ruin the moment. i guess its his job being my older brother but sill! coltons been going through my things..


"colt! dinners ready!" i walked through the house trying to find him.

"in here" i followed his voice into mine and harrys room. i found colton with his hands in my purse.

"COLTON!!!!!!!!!!!!" he started laughing and pulled out some condoms i kept in a little bag.

"UGH give them back!!!" he got up and ran from me holding them just out of my reach. i started laughing myself and turned to him, "fine colt. hope you want to be an uncle" i winked and laughed as he dropped the condoms and turned to me.


-end of flash back-

 "colton seriously. you eat what harry made or you dont eat." i frowned as colton pushed away his taco. suddenly i felt my self start laughing and push mine away too. when me and colton were little we never ate anything that was put in front of us. we always made a scene until we got ham and cheese sandwiches. colton winked at me and we both crossed our arms across our chest. harry frowned.

"rachel. colton. please eat."

"NO." me and colton yelled at the same time.

"why not?! go i feel like a parent" harry said and sighed loudly.

"BECAUSE. i want a sammich" i laughed when coltons voice turned into a whinny 3 year olds as he said it. harry stood and walked out of the room. i frowned and got up running after him.

"haz? love?" he spun and looked at me. his eyes were sad and disappointed.

"haz we were only kidding love." hes acting childish.

"rachel. im fed up. the week that hes been here i haven't been able to kiss you or anything. your diffrent around him, you both laugh and fight and act like babys. your happy one second and the next your in tears in his arms. i dont understand it but i don't like it. he has to go. i don't want him here anymore." i gasped. shocked, sure me and colton are crazy kids but we've always been.

"YOU CANT HONESTLY MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MY BOYFRIEND AND BROTHER HARRY" i yelled letting out my anger but feeling hot tears stream down my face at the same time. im not sure what to do...

"rae. i have to. i need my baby back." i frowned

"IM STILL YOUR BABY BUT HES MY BROHER. the only family i have" i stopped yelling and felt tears come faster. i have to choose my brother, i cant not choose the one whose always been here for me.

"well be gone within the hour." i saw harrys eyes widen and i spun on my heel. bumping into colton.

"common colt. get your stuff. were going back to mine today." he nodded and i ran to harrys room grabbing my things and crying harder. how many of them have i run from. ive ran from everyone ive ever loved. but not colton.



"rae... please stop crying." colton begged as we walked into my flat.

"im g-g-going to be-bed." i stuttered walking into my room and dropping my bag on the floor. i layed on my bed and landed on something hard. i stood and screamed loudly running to my light and tuning it on. colton came rushing in fists raised. i looked at the bed and saw a book. i frowned at colton and apologized for scaring him.

 i walked to the book grabbing it and feeling the hard cover in my hands. i examined it and frowned when i couldn't tell anything by the cover. i opened it to the first page and read the words 'once upon a time there was a beautiful girl, her name was rachel' i felt tears brim and  realized it was in zayns writing i continued reading. 'she went to a ball and kissed all the boys. they all fell in love with her, one more than the rest. when she stayed at his castle and he asked her not to leave she fled. running to another boys castle and doing the same. she lest the first boy a broken pile of tears.' i dropped the book and collapsed in tears.




i stood in the airport next to colton full of terror. for many reasons. im leaving the ones i love, my friends. everything. also my parents died on a plane. i turned to colton and grabbed his hand for strength. once we got our bags checked and boarded the plane i felt myself tense up. i cant do this. i turned to colton and started crying quietly. it was my decision to leave. i decided i had to get away from the boys, the drama. im not sure if or when ill be back but one things for sure. i need to go. i put in my headphones and pressed play. when the words left lee brices mouth and flew into my ears i relaxed a bit.


zayns POV

no answer, again. i jumped in a cab telling him the directions. he flew down the road and stopped quickly in front of harrys block of flats. i jumped out and ran to his door. smashing my hand on it. it flew oped and a teary eyed curly hared boy with a black eye stood in the door way.

"haz? whats wrong mate"

"sh- she left. i made her choose. her ass brother or me. she chose him. she cried and he beat the fuck out of me." i frowned. shes done it again.

"do you know where they are now?" he frowned and shock his head 'no' i sighed and walked in wrapping my arms around him.



the next morning i woke on harrys couch and went on twitter to pass the time. i opened up my feed and the tweet i saw broke my heart. 'ello Australia <3 with the brother xx @coltonskateemery' attached there was a picture of the two of them smiling just outside of an airport. i felt myself shake. shes gone, she may not come back. i clicked on her page and read er ore recent tweets 'new number, new start' 'gone for ever?' 'lovin life livin on the edge' i dropped my phone and stood up.

"harry!!!!!!!! pack your things. were going on a trip."

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