What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


16. first time

harrys POV

"harry.... harry? wake up! harry." i heard rae saying. i felt someone grab my hand and felt hot tears hit my neck.  rae... i need to wake up for her, to apologize, to be her friend, to make her fall for me. i forced my eyes open, they stayed closed.

raes POV

he was lying life less on the hospital bed in front of me the only way i knew he wasn't dead was the steady beeping of the heart onior. i grabbed his hand and saw my tears hit his neck. i leaned forward and kissed his forehead. the monitor beeped aster and i panicked, i was about to call a nurse but when i pulled my lips off his forehead it went back to normal. i leaned forward and kissed his lips softy suddenly i felt his lips start to move along with mine. HES AWAKE!!!! i smiled and pulled away seeing him staring at me looking confused. i called for A nurse.


"im so sorry for the other night rae... im so sorry.." i was confused, what other night?

"if your talking about 2 days ago when i went with lou, i was too drunk to remember it." a flash of relief slid across his perfect face.

-3 hous later-

i got u to leave as niall had just arrived. i smiled and hugged him goodbye and kissed harrys forehead as i left. i walked out the door and glanced back to see harry punch niall. i spun on my heel and ran back in pulling them apart. 


"ya... a coma that he caused" i looked from harry to niall and back to harry.

"naill? what did you do to put harry in a coma?" he glanced at the floor and opened his mouth closing it quickly. "nial... tell me, now" i started to get pissed. they were supposed to be mates.

"i hit him over the head with a bat, for hurting someone, no more questions" he turned and ran out of the room.



i walked into zayns flat calling the news of harrys recovery. no reply, i walked into the kitchen to find a very very drunk zayn on the floor with a closed bottle of vodka on his stomache.

"oh my god zayn.. why?" i asked, just as a very hot guy with blonde flippy hair and big blue eyes walked in.

"hi im ryan, zayn was with me that night, im his old friend." i looked at him and felt my stomach do a flip. he was hot, very hot. i smiled at him flirtatiously. i heard zayn growl from the floor and i walked over to him. 

"zayn babe, whats wrong"

"whats wrong? whats wrong is this ass is going t take you from me." i was shocked at his reply. i looked at ryan and laughed. me and ryan picked him up and brought him pu to his room telling him to rest. 

"you wanna watch a movie love?" i looked to see ryan looking hopeful, i said sure. we turned on bridesmaids and we sat down on the couch together. i felt ryan put his muscular arm around me and i leaned into him. when the bride was shitting on the street i looked up at ryans adorable eyes and saw that he was starring at mw, he slowly tuned me so i was stadeling him and he leaned in kissing me, i kissed back and felt the kiss go pasionate. his hand found his way up to my chest and i moaned in pleasure when he squeezed. i felt my hand snake into his hair and my other run over his abs. he smiled and slowly slid his hand down. 

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, RIGHT NOW RYAN" zayn was fuming, i sighed and got of ryans lap, i walked him to the door and gave him a hug, i felt him touch my back pocket, i didnt think much of it. when he left i walked back into the living room and saw zayn sitting on his couch looking really hurt i walked up to him and sat on his lap.

"please... just go... im in love with you but you obviously like ryan now, so please, just go stay with him for tonight. or stay in the guest room. " i felt a stab of pain at his words, did i like ryan? i guess a bit, but not half as much as i like zaynie...

"no." i said and leaned in kissing him deeply. i felt him shut down, for the first time ever, zayn did not kiss me back. i grabbed his hand placing it on my arse and i felt him smile a bit, he slowly started to kiss back and i ran my hands over his abs, feeling him harden under me. i giggled and let him slip his tongue into my mouth. i slid my hand down on top of the bulge in his pants smiling as he moaned into my lips. he slid his hand into my pants and i didn't stop him, he quickly thrusted two fingers into me sending a stab of pain into my body, after a second the pain turned into pleasure and i moaned. 

"lets go into your room" i wispered. he slipped his hand out of my pants and carried me into his room still kissing me. when he laid me down on the bed i reached my hand into his pants and rubbed his length smiling as his back arched in pleaure. he reached up and slowly pulled off y shirt leaving a trail of fire where his hand touched my skin. i let him take it off and remove my bra, i un buttoned his shirt and yanked it off him. he slowly undid my jeans and i undid his, he looked me straight in the eye as he walked to him bed side table pulling out a small square shiny package. i nodded.

"zaynie.. this is my first time." he smiled and laughed a bit "

"ill be gentle" i nodded and he pulled off his boxers and put on the condom adjusting it to fit him. he crawled back to me and laid on top of me.

"you ready?" "yup" he smiled at my answer and quickly entered me. i felt so much pain as he tore my virginity appart. i felt tears slowly ease out of my eyes. after a few seconds it started to feel good, so i moaned scratching his back deeply. when he pulled out and laid next to me, both of us panting.





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