What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


10. facebook

i turned to li and smiled, he must have came in here after i fell asleep. i didnt realize i was starring until he smiled an muttered "take a picture it will last longer, love" blushed and turned away.. i looked down at our arms were entwined like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine (XD) i untangled him from me and stood up, i was soo thirsty. i walked out of the room and into the kitchen grabbing a glass and filling it up. i heard liam laugh behind me, i spun around "what!" "danelles saying that she got beat um by a gang" i giggled, i must have done some damage. good. bitch deserves it.

when liam walked out the door to go to the store i waved good bye and walked into my room, i picked up my phone and went on Facebook. one of my good friends Chris had a status that said 'not gonna be a good week' me and chris have always been mean to eachother but were always kidding so i commented 'muffin :(' instantly some bitch started beaking me going 'thats rude' 'you a bitch' and then my ex best friend megan commented 'whoa, rude... chris hope it gets better' (actually happening to me right now) i sighed and logged off. those bitches have no sense of humor.

liam and i put the groceries away, me complaining constantly about how he sucks at buying food. but it was half hearted, I'm still upset about he whole Facebook thing. liam noticed that i was sad hugging me and asking what was wrong. i lied. saying nothing. i went and had a shower
-liam POV-
i knew something was up. so when i heard the shower start running i ran into her room and picked up her phone, typing in the code and i saw that she was being beaked on Facebook. i quickly turned off her phone and went on my own telling them all off and leaving the page. I heard the water turn off and rushed out of her room making it look like I was just walking by.

We snuggled up and I sang her to sleep, we were in my bed tonight.

I woke up and tried to find Rae in the blankets, I panicked when I felt nothing but emptiness in the spot that She was laying. I jumped out of bed and raced into the kitchen. Sure enough she was there, making pancakes. I walked up an slipped my arms around her, giving her a hug from behind. She smiled and leaned her head onto mine. "Good morning gorgeous" I said cheekily. She giggled an continued making pancakes. My thoughts taking me else where. Are the boys mad at me? I may be daddy direction but Im in love and that's important to follow your heart. I leaned my head forward and as I to prove a point to myself I tried to kiss Rae.

Rae's POV
he tried kiss me and I dodged it moving away from his grip, I felt him tense and I fake laughed "wait till I finish cooking" I said sweetly "I'll hold you to that" he said cheekily.
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