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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


6. day with nialler

I woke up on Harry's couch with my head on his chest. I got up an got dressed in my dress from yesterday. I quickly left his flat and got in a cab. I got to my place had a shower did my hair a makeup an texted Harry
Hey styles. I left when I woke up. Ill see you another day. I had fun with you last night, but I have plans with nialler and zayn today so i had to go.

I got a reply right away.
From: styles
Ok.... I was quite sad when I woke to see you we're gone.. But another time my dear. Have a good day.

I decided best to leave that one unanswered.

I continued to get ready then I texte nialler
To: nialler
Hey nialler. I'm ready! Pick me up and let's make a day of it! But I have to be back by 4:30 because I have plans at 5:40. See you soon

From: nialler
Awe only till 4:30? So no dinner? Ookk... Ill be there in 5 minutes. Nandos for lunch :)

I laughed and put on my Toms. I walked out o my flat 4 minutes later and waited outside.

~skip to lunch~
"Niiiaaaalll! That's my potato wedge and chicken piece..." I stole his food off his plate and dodged his glare. "Hey" he fake pouted. His eyes are so blue... And his hair is so blonde and cute.. His cheeky smile Is to die for. Oh no. I can feel Niall moving up a slot. Sitting next to Harry on the scale.. Oh dear
---- Nialls POV---
She's so cute... The way she is with food is adorable. Her green eyes. I've liked her for a while. Longer than Harry.. But no one knows because I'm the underdog who might finally get the girl. If only zayn, Harry, Liam and I weren't fighting over her constantly. Since the party she's hung out with all 4 of us and also went to breakfast with Lou. Hmmmm. Does she like me? We've been starring at each other for a while now... "Weeellll I'm full ReRe. What about you?" ReRe is my name for Rachel.. "Stuffed!" I laughed at the look on her face and checked my watch 1:54
"Ok then! Lets go! We still have 3 hours!" "What are we doing nialler?" "MOVIE HOPPING" I laughed and she gasped. "Nialler.. Who knew you were so bass ass!!?" ReRe said in mock horror. "It's my dirty little secret baby" I said in a weird voice. That sent us both into fits of laughter which made every one in nandos stare at us like we just killed a person or we were crazy. We threw some quid on the table and left to go to the theater. "Erm.. Lets get tickets to pitch perfect" "k" when we got in our seat we put our extra large pop corns on the floor in front of us and turned to eachother. " you uhm look nice today.." I Said shyly "awe... Thanks nialler. You don't look half bad your self." We both blushed and I felt myself leaning in. She did too and before I knew it our tongues were fighting for dominance. Mine won. We pulled apart as the movie started.
~skip to Niall dropping ReRe at home~
"Thanks for the great day nialler" I smiled and blushed as I got out of the car. Nialls so cute. And that kiss was great. But my mouths starting to be a bit of a whore. I need to find a way to stay at each of the boys houses a week at a time. Just so I can figure my feelings out.
I hugged him and went into my flat.
I whipped out my phone and sent zayn a quick text
Hey! So be here at 5:40 for dinner! Se you then! It's up to you where we go!"

I laid down on the couch and flicked on the tv.
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