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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


9. colton

i walked back into my room.. its 3:30 and im ready to go stay at liams, my bags by the door and i got all the stuff i need! im so excited!!!! i love spending time with liam, i have for a long time. i heard a honk and looked out the window there was liam leaning up against a cab waving at me, i grabbed my bag and rushed down the hall and onto the elevator i ran out the doors and jumped in the cab giving liam a huge hug. this was going to be a great week


i put my now empty bag at the foot of my temporary bed and turned off my phone, this week is just me and liam. i pushed the door open and smiled, liam was standing there about to knock. " wanna eat? its like dinner time" i beamed "fuck yes i do li! im hunnngggrrry" we walked into the kitchen and i laughed.. he had already made tacos, " yum" i yelled grabbing one and wolfing it down. i turned to see liam starring at me looking shocked.. "what" i questioned "oh nothing, you just eat like a mini niall" for some reason liam flinched and looked sad when he said nialls name, but his comment still made me smile!


liam reached forward and picked up the remote pressing play, he wouldn't tell me what we were watching. i smiled as toy story started playing. i snuggled u to him wrapping us in a blanket, li put his arm around me and rubbed my shoulder. i smiled and started watching the movie. about half way through i looked up at liam to see him staring at me i smiled at him and thanked him for letting me stay, he replied by leaning down and lightly kissing me. just as the kiss escalated to something more passionate someone knocked on his door causing me to jump "damn" he cursed and got up walking to the door, from my seat on the couch i couldn't see the door. "why are you here!" liam said it with anger and hatred. i heard someone push past him muttering 'out of my way' i pretended to watch the movie as danelle walked in the room. " why the hell are you here!?"i knew she directed it to me so i turned to her looking shocked " because liam means the world to me and your the whore who cheated on him with some dancer, so umm ya" me and danelle used to be great friends, before she hurt li. " enjoy my sloppy seconds" she snapped and turned to walk upstairs, probably to get something of hers she forgot. i stod up walked over to her and grabbed her arm spinner her around to face me, i slapped her across the face "bitch" she hissed at me and grabbed my hair. pulling it, i shoved her down on the ground and started punching her. "dan- OHMYGOSH GUYS! STOP! DANELLE LET GO OF HER" liam yelled. she turned her head and i took the opportunity to punch her and push her off of me. i walked over to the door opening it and gesturing for her to leave. she got up and walked to the door, muttering about me being a bitchy slut, as she walked past me i slammed the door catching her ankle making her sneer in pan. i locked it and walked up to liam fuming. li looked at me worried "rae? your bleeding" i ran to the bathroom and saw that i was bleeding from my nose, my knuckles were a bit red and bloody. i spun around and punched the wall "ARG" i yelled as my fist hit the wall making a slite dent. i turned to the door to see liam staring at me like im crazy, he leaned forward and dabbed my face with a cloth, i jumped up on the counter and let him clean the blood. "rae? who taught you to fight?" he asked sounding afraid of the answer. "my older brother, colton. me and him used to go into a room the was empty in my house and hed teach me to fight, wen he got mad i followed him into the room and watched him punch th walls, that's what i do when im really mad." "why haven't i met him" "because he moved out when he was 16 and i was 14... i see him sometimes but he lives a 13 hour drive away" i started to tear up and gave him the this conversation is over look. he looked shocked and then silently cleaned my face. after he was done he looked at my knuckles then looked to the dent "whoa, your strong, remind me not to piss you off" i laughed and jumped down. i gave h a peck on the cheek and went to bed without another word.


i woke up with liam lying next to me.


hey guys! so the colton/brother thing is true, my older brother colton moved out this year and i dont really see him anymore, but still. taught me to fight and i punch walls when im mad. thanks for reading his shit and like it please!!!!

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