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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


13. club

i woke up and stretched out, my hand hit something warm i glanced over and saw zayn spiralled out over the bed. i smiled and snuck out of his bed. i almost made it to the door when he woke, catching me off guard yelling "not so fast babe" i ran for the door giggling as two long arms grabbed e from behind pulling me back. 

"LET ME GOOOOOO" i shouted jokingly

"NEVER!!!! YOUR MINE" he yelled bak, i couldn't help my self from smiling like a complete loser giggling, i liked that 'mine'. but do i want to be his liams nialls louis or harrys? that was the question. i smiled as an idea popped into my mind, i spun on my heel and kissed him. when i felt his grip loosen i ran away breaking the kiss and heading for the bathroom. 

"NO FAIR BABE... you tricked me" i ran into the bathrrom locking the door and heard his feet pad up to the door, trying the handle. i smiled and did my make up and hair.


i walked back into his room and ran into the closet looking for a cute outfit. i pulled out a black lace tank top, a brown belt with a buckle that was sparkly a pair of Hollister jeans and a red and black flannel. i pulled them on forgetting that zayn was in his room, when i took off my pyjamas and was standing in my bra and panties i heard zayns sexy laugh from behind me. i spun and tried to cover myself realizing i was in a black lace thong and a black lace bra. he ran up to me and kissed me before i could push away he had put his hand firmly on my lower back. holding me in place, i gave up trying to get away. i felt the kiss deepen and his hands moved over my bare back leaving a trail of fire. i jumped when he tried to undo my bra, moving away, picking up my clothes and running back into the bathroom once again locking the door behind me.


i sat across from him eating my dinner in silence, he kept apologizing for this morning but thats not what i was upset about. i was sad that he thought i was that easy. he looked up from his pasta and sighed 

"are you still pissed? im sorry, i thought you wanted to. tonight im going out, with an old friend." he said slowly sounding stressed about something.

"ok what time should i be ready at?" i asked. i instantly knew that i wasn't going... he frowned and shook his head.

"your not, you cant. do you have any friends of yours to hang with?" he said sadly, i took it as rude and stood from the table storming out, i grabbed my phone and looked for someone to call. kendra? no... shes nice but gets irritating after a while. lou? perfect.

i dialled the number and hear it ring.

'ello love' lou said sweetly 'hi loulou, i was wondering if you wanna go to a club?' 'of corse i do babe! your at zayns, ill be there in 30 mins' sneak out so he doesnt know your with me.' 'ok babe.' i hung up and went into the closset finding something slutty to wear, not that im a slut. i just want to piss zayn off, or turn him on. either ones good.


i settled on a short black dress that clung to my skin and a pair of toms. i texted lou that i was ready. i stepped out of the bathroom giving myslef a once over. zayn was sitting on the counch and when he saw me he did a double take, i smiled rudly and snached my purse off the table next to him.

"where are you going?' he asked like my dad.

"out with friends, just like you told me to. dont wait up" i threw him a rude look and walked out the door, when i reached the curb there was lou starring at me. we got into a cab and lou mubled the adress to the club i didnt qute hear it. i turned to him and smiled 

"thanks for coming babe" i said sweetly, all anger at zayn had vanished.

"my pleasure! love.. you look beauty tonight." i blushed and loooked down.


louis POV

she blushed and looked down, i know that by the end of the night shell be drunk and stay at mine. good. what ever zayn did to piss her off was a dick move. she doesnt deserve that. the cabbie stopped the cab and i handed him enogh quid for the drive. we hopped out and i smiled, i know the qwner so i walked to the front of te line and we got let in. we went to the v.i.p. area and snuck in, i saw the bar and dragged her over.

"give us four of your stongest shots." i demanded, the guy looked shocked but did as i asked. i glanced at rae and she was smiling, i didnt even realize we were holding hands. the man passed us the shots and we each took two. after she took hers she had a face that was grossed out and it was very funny.

---30 minutes and 5 shots each later---

i stumbled u pto rae and kissed her. she kissed back and ran her hands up into my hair. i put mine on the small of her back.

"WHAT THE FUCK RACHEL" i heard someone scream. me and rae pulled away and saw zayn starring at us looking pissed. i ordered up a few more shots and we took them as zayn was walking up to us.

"FUCK OFF ZAYN" rae yelled. shes a light weight and the booze must be hitting her hard. zayn walked up to her and tryed to grab her wrist, i could tell he was quite drunk as well. i knew the dark look in his eyes. i tried to get rae away but zayn swung at me, missing and hitting someone else. i grabbed rae a put her behind me i took another shot off the counter. i hit him just as secrity came and grabbed zayn pulling him away letting me stay. i turned back to rae and she was starring at me smiling, i leaned in and started kissing her again.


rachels POV

the shots were hitting me hard, after zayn left i took another one kissing louis again. he lifted my up and i jumped as he set me on the counder of he bar, he put his hand on my ass and the other one on myneck. i reached my hands up and held him closer moaning against his lips. he picked my up and carried me to the back room which was empty. he layed me down ona couch as his toung slipped into my mouth, i was so drunk its all a blur. i cant think strait. i rolled so i saw sratteling him and he was sitting up straight he reached his hands down and squeezed me ass i put my hand on the buldge in his pant, he moaned

"mmm-" his moans got cut off by me being yanked off him by someone. i giglged and turned to see a very drunk harry dragging me out the back door. i screamed for louis to help but he was being pushed out the other door. i turned to harry and saw him frowning at me.

"zayn called me.. " he said sounding pissed off.

"louis is a better kis-" i was cut off my him smashing his lips into mine, he pushed me up against a brick wall and i realized we were in an alley somewhere. he had one arm on either side of me trapping me there. he kept kissing me and muttered something like, my turn. h reached down and grabbed my ass. i screamed for help 

"haha no one can hear you love" he said in a weird voice, i realized that harry wasn't just drunk, he was high. i could smell the weed on his clothes.

"harry let me go" i begged

"not until i get what i should have got at that party, you" i screamed louder and he clamped his hand over my mouth. 

"you can give me what i want or i can take it" i realized what he ment. i started to feel tears stream down my cheeks, i decided to try to run, but first i hand to distract him. i grabbed his hand off the wall and placed it on my chest,i had to do this. i ran my hand down his abs and over his pants, he moaned loudly and moved his other hand to my hand moving it back to his bulge. 

"ple-ase" he said i decided this was a good time. i ran my hand over it once more and ran, i ran as fat as possible hailing a cab, i gave him directions to nialls house.

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