What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


14. club -zayns POV-

so this is zayns POv of the last chapter

i woke up to rae trying to sneak out the door i chased her down but she kissed me and when i loosened my grip she ran, i sighed and followed her, DAMMIT she locked the door. i walked back to my room and layed on the bed i pulled out my phone and checked my twitter. i set my phone down and sighed. i really like rae, but i have an thing with my old friend. im stressed out about it because me and him had some issues in the past were he tryed to steal the girl i liked away from me.


rae walked into the room not noticing me she walked strait into the closet and started sorting trew her close. she pulled out a black shirt, some jeans, a belt and a red and black shirt that i already knew was her older brother coltons. i watched as she stripped into her bra and thong. i laughed and walked up to her and kissed her, i placed my hand on her back and the kiss deepend, i felt her tangle her hands in my hair. i frowned slightly but tryed to undo her bra. she jumped picked up her clothes and ran away. i felt aweful. she avoided me the rest of the day mumbling that she had things to do. i knew it was a load of shit, theres nothing she needs to do in my room.


dinner was awkward, we sat down and she started at her food the entire night.

"are you still pissed? im sorry, i thought you wanted to. tonight im going out, with an old friend." i said it slowly, i was pissed at the fact that i have to see ryan.

"ok what time should i be ready" she said it happily, i frowned slightly and shook my head. i don't want ryan taking her from me.

"your not, you cant. do you have any friends of yours to hang with?" i said it in a somber tone but she must have thought it was rude because she stood quickly and stormed out. i sighed and cleared her meal.  sat down and flicked  the tv. i heard her exit my room about 30 minutes later, she looked stunning, and a bit slutty. i felt angry that she was dressing like that for someone else.

"where are you going?" i asked, im kinda pissed hat shes actually going out.

"out with friends, just like you told me to. dont wait up" she glared at me as she walked out the door. i looked out the window to see her get in a cab with some guy in red pants. i sighed and called ryan. 'hey ry? lets go to a club tonight' i hung up and left the house.

---45 minutes and numerous drinks later---

i saw rae from across the club kissing.... LOUIS WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!

"WHAT THE FUCK RACHEL" I yelled, i saw louis and her take 2 more shots each as i was walking up. 

"FUCK OFF ZAYN" she yelled, whoa. she was trashed. i tried to grab her wrist but louis pushed me away a bit, i swung and missed hitting someone else, i was mad. i hit louis and security pulled me away.


'harry? i need you t go find rae and get her away from lou' i gave him the address of the club and hung up. i told ry i had to go home, he said ok, and i headed home.


2 hours later

i answered my phone.

'zayn? i lost her, when i found her her and lou were almost fucking. i took her into an alley and talked to her she distracted me and ran into a cab' 'FUCK do yu know where she went?' 'no sorry mate'


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