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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


37. Cheat

Rae's POV
we walked out of the hospital hand in hand. The guilt I feel right now is painful. The look of sadness in zayns eye was truly the worst sight in the world.
"You ok love?" Lou asked as we hopped into his car. I nodded, unsure if it the truth or a lie.
"Just overwhelmed. Maybe I should stay with Zayn?" I asked hopefully, I miss him. Lou frowned,
"i dont know love, he might be mad." 
Lou was here for me everyday while Zayn was in his coma, Lou helped me through the pain I felt at that moment. "Love you Lou." I stated and kissed his cheek, he smiled.
"Love you too Rae. More than you will ever know, love." His words made my heart swell. I smiled and looked out the window, I don't know what to do except pretend things are good and ignore the guilt.

Me, Lou, Niall, Liam, and Harry were sitting in a circle playing truth or dare. I know it's a childish game but when your with these boys you never grow up.
"Rae. Truth or dare?" Haz asked smiling, they have all come to terms with me and Lou's relationship. Ok. thats a lie, they hate it, more than anything but they respect my decision. Me and Lou have only been together one month of the five zayns been out.
"Truth." I choose.
"Biggest celebrity crush?" He asked, I scoffed and laughed.
"Gay question. But Mac miller." I smiled as I thought of all the Mac miller I listen to. 
"What? I would have never guessed. Except you listen to him 24-7" Lou stated sarcastically.
"Shut up! It's better than Taylor swift" I winked at Harry and he made gagging noises.
"Ugh. Worst. Relation. Ship. Ever." Haz muttered. Over the five months they dated for a few weeks, at first haz liked her, but then the crazy came out and she went apeshit on all of us. Everytime I would hug haz she freaked out, when he looked at me she hit him. It was horrid. I think she had a thing for Lou because she was there when he asked me out, her and haz both groaned.
"Ni. Truth or dare?" I asked as I spun and gave Niall the most intimidating look I can muster.
"Dare." He stated simply. I smiled at his answer and thought. Hmm. I do need someone to drive Zayn to his flat after the final test they have to run on him.
"I dare you to drive Zayn home from the hospital tomorrow." I giggled as I said it.
"Your just to lazy." He muttered
"Yep!" I pipped.

*next day*
Nialls POV
I started the engine of zayns repaired black range rover and pulled out of the driveway. I reached over and flicked on the CD that's in the slot thing.
'The names Mac miller. Who the fuck are you? My crew to loud but I ain't-' I flicked it off and laughed, Rae was the last one to use this car... I better get rid of that CD before Zayn sees it, he's going to be broken up about the whole Rae getting a new boyfriend. None of us are happy about it, Harry punched a window and cut his hand pretty bad, Liam swore, I'm pretending to not let it get to me. I sighed and flicked Rae's CD back on, smiling at the stupid things Mac millers spitting. He's good, a good rapper but he looks like a 12 year old. How does Rae like him? 
'But baby I got missed calls and emails, all going into detail, about how you used to love me, I keep changing like the leafs now go. Ill be fine on my own' 
I pulled up to the hospital and Parked the car, walking in and humming that song under my breath.
"Niall, mate." Zayn called as he walked toward me. I broke into a smile and ran to him, wrapping my arms around him.
"I missed you Zayn!" I almost yelled.
"Your accent is refreshing mate" Zayn muttered as he stepped away from my big hug. He smiled and I signed him out.


Zayns POV
I still can't bear the thought of going back to my empty flat. My last memory is of mine and Rae's fight, and that breaks me.
"Hey nialler?" I kept my gaze out the window, no need to fake smile, he can't see my face.
"Yea mate?" He replied
"Can I stay at yours?" I practically begged.
"Why?" He asked. Nialls like my brother, I can tell him anything.
"I could say because I need supervision after the accident but. I won't lie. I can't go back to my empty apartment and miss Rae." Niall nodded like he understands my pain.
"None of us like the relationship mate. Just them." He muttered, smiling sheepishly. 
"Are you still with that Demi chick?" I asked, trying to change the subject.
"We broke a few weeks after your accident..." He stumbled along the sentence.
"Oh." Was all I could say. To ease the tension of my getting out of the hospital I flicked on the music, I'm pretty sure I was listening to a good station.
' boy your fool, wonder what's cool, tryna figure out what to rhyme about, I heard your man went crying to his mommy an his daddy when the cops drove by his house.' I felt tears fill my eyes as I heard the familiar Mac miller song. Rae loves this song. She would listen to it all the time. I let it play and reminisced over the times me an Rae had together.

Harry's POV
I sighed as a picture of the devil popped up on my caller ID
"Hello Taylor." I sighed as I answered
"Hey hazzabo. Are we all going out tonight?" She asked perkily
"1 I hate you, 2fuck off. 3 my names Harry" I hung up and threw my phone on my bed. Why can't she just leave me alone! I texted Niall and asked if he wants to go clubbing with me, Rae, and Louis tonight. He replied with a yes and I smiled, thank god. I can't handle the romance Rae and Lou have. It pisses me off to an extent, I feel like killing him everyone they kiss. What Rae doesn't know is that I'm in love with her, I've been for years. I'm better for her than Louis, I love Lou like a brother but she needs someone who can protect her, who can love her for their entire life without any change. That's me.

"Hey." I muttered as me and Niall walked up to the happy couple makingout in the booth. They pulled apart and I can see that they're already very drunk.
"Let's dance!" Rae yelled and grabbed my arm, dragging me onto the floor, I smiled as we started jumping up and down, pumping our fists. Soon she took a bold step towards me and I almost kissed her, but bit my lip holding my impulses in. We swayed to the beat of the rap song and smiled at each other.
"Alright! Kiss light! This is sorta like the kiss cam but with a spot light." The DJ yelled as the music stopped, Rae googled and we tried to see who the spot light landed on.  I felt my eyes squint as the light landed on us.
"Shit..." I muttered, Rae laughed an shook her head 'no', I took a risk and grabbed the small of her neck turning her towards me and I leaned  down pressing my lips to hers. When I pulled away she slapped me, stumbling off the floor back to the booth with Lou.
"Who did the light land on mate?" Niall asked, oblivious to the situation that unfolded a feet meters away.
"I'm not sure." I lied, walking towards the door. I whipped out my phone and walked onto the sidewalk. 
I dialed a number and listened to the ringing.
"Hello?" A familiar perky voice sounded in my ear.
"Hey," I muttered
"HAZZABO!" Taylor yelled. "Why did you call babe?" She's delusional. 
"You know we broke up. Right?" I murmured "but get a cab to 'our' club." I ordered, hanging up. I walked back inside and waited, soon enough she got here and I gave her a proposition.
"I guess I can, I mean. It's a good idea." Taylor smiled, no more like beamed.
"Ok. Lets go." We walked into the club and acted calm, like we arnt planing something aweful.
"Hey guys!" She yelled happily as we reached our booth.
"Hi......." They all mumbled, confused.
"I met up with her outside. Yay!" I lied.
"Ok..." Rae mumbled looking away from me. I went and got allot of drinks, too many.
"Here Lou, taylor." I handed them the strongest jack danelles.  Me are and niall all had weaker vodka. Before I knew it Lou was piss drunk and crawling all over Rae and Niall, who was on the sides of him.
"Niall, can you switch spots with me?" Taylor asked innocently. Niall stood and switched so Taylor was next to Lou and Niall was next to me. Lou started crawling all over her and she giggled, pulling him up onto the dance floor. I smiled a she followed the plan, I watched. 
Taylor touching his chest playfully
Lou smiling
Her leaning in and kissing him. 
He didnt react like I thought he would, he didnt push away, he didnt fight to get her off of him.

Rae's POV
Lou and that slut got up, walking onto the dance floor, I smiled at something Niall said and turned to him. I trust Lou. I noticed haz starring at something,
"Rae, look." He muttered, looking shocked, I glanced in the direction he gestured to. In the spot haz was looking at was Taylor motherfucking swift making out with MY BOYFRIEND. My eyes watered, I felt tears spill over. He doesn't love me. He's cheating on me. I stood up and grabbed Nialls hand, dragging him out of the club.  I texted Lou.

To: my boo bear<3
We're over, I doubt you care as you have a mouth full of slut tongue but. Fuck you.

I hit send and turned to Niall, throwing myself at him. My lips met his and I kissed desperately, trying to forget Louis.
"Wait." Niall ordered.
"What?" I replied, agriated.
"I want you to actually like me. Not use me. I think you should talk to Lou. Sort this out." He stated. I sighed and stomped away, hailing a cab and giving them zayns adress. 



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