What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


22. are you high?!

raes POV

ive been back in my flat for a week. i haven't talked to lou of zayn the entire time. but me a niall have bee hanging out every night.  


i woke to see niall asleep on my floor. i felt a headache slowly build. last night was cray. me and niall got wasted. i smiled and ran to my kitchen grabbing a few advils and some water. i went and placed them next to niall for when he wakes up. i miss lou, and zayn. i have no clue if me and lou are broken up or not. i pulled out my phone and dialled his number. he answered afer the second ring.

'hello?' when he answered my heart skipped a beat, but then i realized his voice.. it sounds odd. 'hi lou its rae.' i heard him sigh and i heard laughing in the background. 'raeeeeeeeee baaabbbeee, i miss yeh' omg, hes high. 'louis, are you stoned?' 'fuck yes im stoned loveee' i sighed, 'thats it lou. were officially done, dont call or text me until yo straighten up.' i hung up he phone and collapsed into tears..

"ReRe? are you ok love?" when i heard nialls smooth irish accent i smiled. 

"niall? could you drve me to lous and help me get my things." he nodded and smiled. i stopped crying and pulled myself off the floor. we decided to not change and he drove me to louis house. i got out of the car and walked in when i did i saw lou and zayn drunk and high on the couch laughing there asses off. i walked past them up to lous closet. he followed me stumbeling a bit.

"rae... lover, take me baaaccck" i sighed and continued packing my things.

"not until your sober louis." he smiled and took an wobbly step closer

"then im sober love" he gave me a cheeky grin and leaned in, trying to kiss me. i dodged it slapping him across the face and picking up my bag. i slid around him and walked out of his room throwing zayn a glare over my shoulder, when i did i saw zayn smirking with my favourite purse in his hand. i dropped my duffel back and ran to him. 

"ZAYN MALIK. GIVE ME MY PURSE NOW"  he laughed and moved it away as i grabbed a it. i felt myself smirk as i got an idea. i leaned forward and "tried" to grab it again. "accidentally" slipping and landing my hand on his crotch. he looked at me and smiled i took the opportunity to snatch the purse from him and saunter to the door, walking out quickly and placing my things in nialls car. 



"bye love" i heard his accent fade out my door. i frowned slightly, i hate it when niall leaves me. i sighed and walked to my couch, flopping down and turning the tv on. i turned to mtv and watched mtv live for some time. i was almost asleep when i heard a pounding at my door. 

"one second..." i yelled as i got up and walked towards the door. when i got there i looked through the peephole just to be sure. i felt my stomach drop when i saw a drunk looking ryan standing outside my door. i quickly dead bolted the door and ran to the kitchen grabbing a knife. i grabbed my phone and ran to my closet i stood in there clutching the knife in my hand and thinking of someone to all. he pounded on the door again and i felt my pulse quicken. i decided to call niall. 

'niall?' 'yes love' 'get here fast!! im scared, and someones here' i heard the line go dead and i frowned. please come niall. i prayed silently in my head. *CRACK* i heard the door burst open. 

"rae love... i know your in here." i started shaking and clutched the knife tighter. 

"GET THE FUCK OUT NOW" i felt my body relax as a strong irish accent floated through the flat. i heard a punch hit flesh, and another, and another. i felt my body numb as i realized it could be niall. i jumped from the floor and ran to the room where the noise was coming from. i saw both the boys bloody and throwing punches. i took a chance and thew the knife aiming at ryans lower leg. he screamed out and fell to the round grabbing at his thing. 

"oopsises" i sarcastically said. ryan dragged himself out muttering about how im not worth the trouble. i smiled and ran to niall hugging him tightly. i felt him wince and i pulled away dragging him into the bathroom so i can examine his cuts. when i lightly dabbed his split lip he flinched frowning slighly. i apologized and looked into his deep blue eys. i seemed to get lost in them, days, months, weeks, all seemed to disapere. before i knew it our lips were moulding together and my hands were tangled in his hair. i slowly pulled away and bit my lower lip. 

"niall? can i stay at yours? im afraid hes going to come back" "of corse love" he replied sweetly, i jumped up in joy and kissed him again walking to my room to grab some things.

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