What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


12. anger issues

i woke with my head on liams still damp shirt, wow. i cried allot. i looked up at him to see him sound asleep with a worried look on his face. today was my last day here, my last day with li. how time has flown, im not going to lie, its been one of the best. i slid up liams abbs so my head was next to his, i leaned forward and kissed him, i felt him slowly start to kiss back. fireworks shot through my body, my mind went stupid and it was like it was only us in the world. after about 20 minutes of that i pulled away and bit my lip.

"whoa, what a great way to wake up" liam laughed as he said it. i smiled and got up

"toays my last day with you.. for four weeks.." i said it sadly. lim shifted so he was sitting, starring at me. i blushed and looked down. i heard feet pad across the carpet. i felt a finger on the bottom of my chin tilting my head up. i smiled as his lips brushed against mine

"rae, i love-" he paused and tensed "ed this week, i loved this week" he said quickly. i smiled and laughed. oh lili.


i started packing my things, while listening to kid CuDi loudly, when 'rain' started playing i smiled. my favorite song. i heard the words 'Yeah, I hate when it rains... all I really do is sit on my ass, Thinking of the next scheme just to double my cash' i started rapping along. this song calms me down and helps me think.


i was standing at the door kissing liam goodbye, when zayn came up to the door pushed liam off me and took my bag.

"HEY, what the hell man" liam basically screamed.

"hey babe" zayn said sweetly to me ignoring liam, i sighed hugged liam.

"hi zaynie" i said. liam walked up to zayn a pushed him over. zayn punched liam in the chek abd i screamed not waning either of them to get hurt. i saw liam throw  a punch and his muscles rippled at the force of it. i ran over to them trying to pull liam off zayn, zayn swung at liam and hit my arm. instantly i felt my body fill with rage,i watched as the realization registered on zayns face at the fact that he hit me. liam hit him in the side hard. pain shot all over his features. i was still pissed but i tryed to pull liam off again, this time i got hit in the side by liam. he jumped off zayn and rushed to me appolizing, i shoock with rage. i stood up and walked to zayn. i punched him as hard as i could and turned to liam. he slowly backed away muttering how sorry he was. i punched him in the gut with as much force as possible. i turned and picked my bag up from the ground, walked out the door screaming out my thanks.


i walked out of zayns room having put my things on my shelf. and saw zayn on the couch shirtless watching tv. when he saw me walking toward him a flash of fear slid across his features and vanished a second later. he smiled slightly and patted the spot next to him. i sighed lancing at the floor feeling bad.i walkjed over and sat down, on a chair far away. i curled my legs up under me and felt tears slowly slide down my cheeks. i sighed. i honestly thoought i got over my anger problems. he sighed and walked over, he picked me up and pulled me over to the couch, i smiled and snuggled into him.

when i did he instantly put his arm around me and moved as close as possible, i glanced down at my blue NEFF watch and sighed. its almost 3:30 am. i rested my head on his shoulder and slowly dozed off.




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