What to do

When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


24. 1 week later...

"niall?" i yelled from our shared bedroom, he walked in and sauntered over to me.

"yes love?" i frowned slightly, what i was about to tell him wont be easy to say...

"i-im going to-" i hesitated and he smiled at me sweetly, "im going to......"i got lost in his eyes, loosing my train of thought. over the past week me and him have had the BEST time, he hasn't asked me out, which i enjoyed. i fancy niall but i want to have one person just a friend. 

"your going to what love?" he asked worried now. i frowned my eyebrows scrunched together.

"im going to go" he looked at me, shocked. 

"go where?" he sounded scared and shocked.

"to... to harrys flat. just for a week... i just haven't spent nearly any time with him and i miss my hazza" and my lou, and my zaynie.... but i left those out of it. a pained expression flew across nialls features.


nialls POV 

i guess im not getting the girl, i guess i lost to the other boys, again. i cant be like louis and zayn, high and drunk because of rae. she hates them for that, ill have to be the supportive friend. no matter how much pain this causes me.

"ok love, can i help you pack and drive you?"  she smiled and i returned it with a pained fake smile. this is going to be one of the hardest thing ive eve had to do.


harrys POV 

she walked in and i grinned. it was a long shot asking her to come but she did. my smile slightly faded when niall came in behind her.

"goodbye love, ill see you for lunch tomorrow, yeah?" it turned into a full out frown, they cant go to lunch.... shes mine for the week. she turned and hugged him giving him a kiss on the cheek and i felt my blood boil. 


she danced out of my room and i laughed and hugged her, she smiled and looked at my hair, i did it in a quiff today.

"harry... i love your hair in a quiff but i love love love it when its just pushed back a little bit..." she laughed as she said it.

"well love, its dinner and i made tacos!" her face lit up. as we walked towards the table she kept glancing at me from the corner of her eye.

"thanks for asking me to come" rae said it in a loving voice and i felt butterflies in my stomach. ive never felt this way for a girl before, i may be a flirt but ive never been so in love, with rae i don't want to flirt because what if i take it too far and she walks away. almost a month back when she was staying at zayns and i was drunk and i tried to... well that was the biggest mistake of my life and im reminded of it every time i style my hair, thanks to the scar from niall.

"ummm is there something on my face?" i just then realized id been starring at rae for aleast five minutes smiling like a retard.

"no! your just perfect.." oh man, nice one harry. good work. fuck im a dork.  she looked down her face turning red.

"your not so bad yourself styles" i gave her a cheeky smile and continued eating.

"so..." i paused thinking of a name to call her.. "babe, are you going to be in my room tonight?" i winked as i said it, causing her to blush again.

"of corse styles. but clothing are.... mandatory" i frowned... 

"awe common love, you know you want me" she giggled and i winked once again.


raes POV

styles... i love him, he's so charming. such a flirt. i almost said clothing's was optional... that would have been funny, actually, i wouldn't mind. i really like styles, he's damn hot. 

"are you ok love? we can go to bed if your tired?" i didn't notice that i was closing my eyes until now.

"nope, im fine. i wanna finish the movie!" i pointed to the screen just as a ghost popped up making my jump and snuggle into harrys chest.

"ha ha love? come here" he lifted my up and put me on his lap, kissing my cheek. "its just a movie love" i laughed and turned to him.

"styles. i know. its cool. im just kinda scared" he hugged me tight, pulling me close and i rested my head on his shoulder, smiling. i could feel him starring at my face as i watched the movie. i looked up at him and he quickly glanced away blushing.

"styles? this may sound weird but... can you kiss me?" he looked back shocked and smiled. hew leaned in and kissed me. i felt as if it was only us, i let him deepen the kiss sliding his tongue into my mouth, i pulled away and looked down.

"whoa..." he muttered under his breath. i nodded. 


louis POV

im sober, i haven't had a joint or drink in 2 days. ill call niall and ask how rae is... maybe she will talk to me.

*ring* * ring* *ring* 

'lou? whats up mate' 'niall.. hows rae? is she still bad at me? can i talk to her' i heard him sigh 'lou.... shes gone...' 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHES GONE' i dint mean to yell but... 'she went to harrys' i could hear the pain in his voice. i hung up the phone and typed in raes number.

'what do you want louis' i felt a stab of pain 'i want to apologize and tell you that i miss you and need you back love, i haven't had a drink or anything in two days.. i need you' i heard her sigh loudly and harry moan from the same room as her he must have just woke up... ' lou im sorry but... i cant right now. i need time, you fucked up. and something happened'i heard her cringe as she said something happened. 'rachel PLEASE' 'no louis, im at harrys for a week, ill talk to you next week good bye' *beeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp* she pressed end

"but i love you..." i felt the tears pool and spill over.


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