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When Rachel goes to a party with her friends and ends up kissing Harry, zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis(the 5 most popular guys in school) her life turns upside down. who will get her? (In this story the boys are not one direction)

Complete book.


1. The party

I reached forward slowly and with a flick of my wrist sent the bottle spinning at top speed. I prayed it would land on the boy with a sexy dark brown quiff an hazel eyes. The bottle slowed and stopped on Harry. *sigh* Harry's cute an everything but I'm after his friend the new kid. I think his names zayn. I crawled over and pressed my lips against Harry's. -inner thoughts- it's not the first time we've kissed, me and him have a bit of history... Even though half the times we've kissed it's been like mouth rape. I don't like Harry, never have. Harry's been trying to get into my pants for a year now -reality- our mouths molded together. His smooth tongue touched my bottom lip, trying to gain entrance. I let him slip his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues fought for domanance his winning. I pulled away and crawled back to my spot. I smiled at picked up my twisted tea, taking a big gulp. This is my 5th one an I'm quite tipsy. I glanced at Harry who was starring at me. He winked and picked up his beer. "Rachel... You wanna spin again?" Asked Kendra. Kendra's the one who threw this party. "I guess so" I answered. I reached forward and Held the bottle once again flicking my wrist sending it spinning. I prayed it would land on zayn. I glanced away from the bottle to see zayn smile at me and put his cigaret out with his foot. I don't smoke but I think it's sexy that he does. I looked down just as the bottle stopped on him. I smiled like a retard an he crawled over to me. Our lips met and a shiver flew down my spine. I'm not sure how long we kissed for but after a little while I heard Harry clear his throat. I backed away and smiled at zayn feeling my cheeks go rosa. "Can I have your number?" He winked "of corse haha" I started blushing and got up to find a pen. I went into the kitchen and found one, I spun around and nearly bumped into Harry. "What do you want styles!?" I whispered sounding pissed. "Why would you give him your number!? I thought our kiss was special!" Harry sadly asked. "Harry, we've been though this. Your really hot and sweet but I don't know if I feel tht way about you" he sighed and spun around sauntered away not looking back at me. I jogged into the other rooms wrote my number on zayn arm.

~2 hours and 5 drinks later~
"Mmn" I moaned as Niall lips hit the sweet spot on my neck. -inner thoughts- I've liked Niall for a while. Secretly I like all five if them. Niall, zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry. Yes Harry, I've tryed to convince myself I don't like him because he's a player but he's so charming... -reality- *beep beep buzz buzz* Nialls phone went off as he got a text... He stopped kissing me and picked it up sighing and explaining that he's supposed to be home by now. He was shit faced so I'm not sure how he will get there but ok. I sighed and told him to text me writing my number on his arm too. As I walked away I got my arm harshly tugged on. I saw my best guy friend Liam crying. " Rachel... Me and Danielle just broke up..." I leaned in and kissed him. At first he froze up in shock of my actions. Then his lips started moving along with mine. I pulled away and smilled " you don't know how long I've wanted to do that. But you've never been single" I laughed. "Whoa, Rachel... I've liked you for a year. I thought I liked Danielle but its only you." He smiled and said he would text me but he has to get Niall home. I laughed to myself... 4 down 1 to go. "LOU" I shouted playfully. Lou bounded around the corner smiling. "RACH" he yelled back. " I'm drunked-ed" he slurred. "Me toosies" I laughed. We started talking about how perfect his bum is when he leaned in ad kissed me.
~ back at my house 1 hour later~ as I lay in bed almost asleep I thought about the night. I kissed the 5 most popular guys. This was a good day. I smiled and passed out
Hey guys, so that was my first chapter of my new movella... Lemme know what you think!
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