A Perfect Way To Spend Valentines Day

This is my one-shot for the 1shotfor1D contest


1. Tsk Tsk Tsk

Eleanor's POV

So it's Valentines Day and I still hate everyone. I actually kinda hate my best friend Aqua right now too. Why would you hate your best friend? You might ask. Well that's because I'm sitting here at her house lostening to her cry about how that stupid guy at school Josh won't acknoledge her existence. While I should be spending the day with my amazing boyfriend Jake. Yeah it's wierd how their names are Jake and Josh. It kinda reminds me of Drake and Josh. "Oh man it's 11:30 I have to go meet Jake at the mall. I'm so sorry" I said getting up to leave. "Hey can I come? I wouldn't like hang around you guys or anything I just wanna get out of the house, try to get my mind off things."Aqua asked me. "Of course c'mon" I said grabbinh her wrist and leading her out to the car. As soon as we got in the car Aqua put her One Direction CD on loop. Did I mention shes like a HUGE directioner. I dont really care for them that much. It's not that I dont like them I just don't really care about them. Their music is kinda good but I wouldn't fangirl or something if I met them.
We got to the mall in about ten minutes. "Jake said he would meet us at the fountain incthe middle of the mall." I said getting out of the car. "OK" Aqua said. It took us like 2 minutes to get to the fountain in the middle of the mall and Jake was there alright. He was sitting there making out with some random girl. "WHAT THE FUCK JAKE?!" I yelled pulling them apart. "Oh i'm sorry hes mine now" The girl said calmly. "NO WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE COMING HERE AND JUST MAKING OUT WITH MY BOYFRIEND LIKE YOU FUCKING OWN THIS PLACE AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT?!?!! GET THE FUCK OIT OF THIS TOWN CAUSE I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU HERE AGAIN AND IF I DO THERE WILL BE SERIOUS HELL TO PAY!!!" I screamed pushing the girl away from me. "Well I think I'm Danielle Peazer. You know the famous dancer" She said pushing me back. "I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU'RE THE RICHEST, MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD NO ONE KISSES MY BOYFRIEND BUT ME!! SO JUST GET YOUR LITTLE ASS AS FAR AWAY FROM ME AS POSSIBLE!!!" I yelled pusing her towards the parking lot.
And that's when hell broke loose. After I pushed Danielle she fell down and some guy ran up to her screaming at me about like crazed fans or something and I went to punch Danielle but four guys held me back. The other one came up to me and slapped me while they held me back. "Dont you ever get near me or my girlfriend again" He yelled at me. "Yeah I only did this cause she kisses MY boyfriend" I yelled moving my head closer to him. "What? Danielle we're through" He said walking towards her. "NOW I SUGGEST WHOEVER YOU ARE YOU LET ME GO SO I CAN GET THE FUCK ON WITH MY DAY AND NEVER SEE YOH AGA-" I said bur when I turned around I realized who it was. It was One Direction and the one who just dumped his girlfriend was Liam. "Oh My God!! Oh My God!! Oh My Freaking God!!!" Aqua screamed fangirling. "shes a big fan if you didn't notice. I said rudely.
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