boarding school

Hi, my name is Kaitlinn Clark. I have dark brunette hair with bright blue eyes. I have two bestfriends named Kristen and Katia. We are all 16. We have to go to a boarding school in England called Lawrence Academy because of a stupid mistake we made. I absoloutly HATE One Direction. They happen to be going there for the same year as us. Will I start liking them and end up liking a certain curly haired boy? Read and find out...


10. real mature

harrys' pov

Kaitlinn and I couldn't find the rest of the gang so we decided to go back to Lawrence Academy. We had to study together anyways, since I tutor her.

We got a cab and hopped into it, told the cab driver where to go, then awkward silence hit. The cab driver then spoke up, "You guys are a cute couple.", Kaitlinn and I both blushed and smilied. I guess he assumed that since we were sitting real close together. Kaitlinn didn't object to his comment and neither did I.

He dropped us off at Lawrence Academy and we walked into the gates, side by side. Everyone was watching us walk in with bags from shopping in our hands. We just smiled and entered the huge building.

We left the bags in Kaitlinns' room as she grabbed her books and we walked to my room together. Before we knew it, it was getting late and dark outside. After studing for a few more hours, it was three in the moring. I only remember reading a chapter in our Social Studies book, the next thing I kniw, Kaitlinn is asleep. In my bed.

This is probably the first time a hot girl is sleeping in my bed and we haven't done anything. Congrats to me.

kaitlinns' pov

I wake up to the sound of people walking in halls outside of Harrys' room. Harrys' room? Just I just think that? What the fuck am i doing in Harrys' room?

"Goodmorning beautiful.", said a deep, raspy morning voice. I look up to see my head was in his lap and his arm was wrapped around me somehow. AWKWARD. I see him notice what he just said and the position we were in, he started blushing. Haha, I made Harry Styles blush!

We both glance at the alarm clock, 10:27. "SHIT!", we both say at the same time. I slip on one of Harrys' shirt, since mine was dirty. Don't get any bad ideas. Then, I put on my grey vans, since I already had ripped jean shorts. I though my hair in a messing bun, too scarred to look in the mirror. I washed my face real fast. Ha, I'm too scared of what I look like right now. I throw some gum in my mouth since I don't have a toothbrush. Disgusting, I know.

Harry and I sprint down to our Social Studies class. We walk in together and the teacer looks at us and looks away while shaking her head. Next thing I know, people are making sexual noises and hitting the walls. Wow guys, real mature.

















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