boarding school

Hi, my name is Kaitlinn Clark. I have dark brunette hair with bright blue eyes. I have two bestfriends named Kristen and Katia. We are all 16. We have to go to a boarding school in England called Lawrence Academy because of a stupid mistake we made. I absoloutly HATE One Direction. They happen to be going there for the same year as us. Will I start liking them and end up liking a certain curly haired boy? Read and find out...


8. matchmaking

kristens' pov

We all survived the first day of school. Thank god. Today, Louis and I are going to play matchmaker for Kaitlinn and Harry. I know Louis knows I like him now since he read my texts so, this will be kind of awkward. Anyways, like I said. we are going to play matchmaker. If they don't do anything by the end of the month, then I suck at matchmaking.

Lou said he would give them one or two weeks. I don't know hom long it would take. Today, on the second day of school, we are going to try to make it awkward for them. Haha, Kaitlinn is SO going to hate me.

We got dressed for school. Of course, Kaitlinn was the last one up. She was running so late. Katia and I didn't want to be late, so we left. Honestly, Kaitlinn could care less if she was late or not.

Our first period was with Ms. Burks and Harry, Louis, Kaitlinn, and I were all in the same class. Today, we have a test over sexual reproduction already. I mean, COME ON. It's our second day of school and we already have a test.

Louis and I talked during breakfast about how he is going to leave Harry with an empty seat next to him so there was one seat open for Kaitlinn to sit at when/if she shows up. Well done Lou.

We got in our seats as Harry was sitting alone. Haha what a loner. Hopefully not for long...

As Ms. Burks was calling off the attendence, she noticed Kaitlinn wasn't here. She curiously asked, "Do any of you know where Kaitlinn Clark is this morning?" I said, "She's running a bit late today."


kaitlinns' pov

I hoped in the shower at the speed of a turtle . I could honestly care less if I showed up to class or not. I wasn't in a hurrly AT ALL. After I got out, I blow dried my hair and applied my make-up. I approved of it so then I straightened my hair. I usually don't wear it staright, but today I decided to change it up a bit. I then put in a red bandana that ties at the top. I know it sounds really weird, but it's cute because your role it up so it's sort of a staright line, then you put in on your head and tie it at the top.

I changed into some jeans and rolled them at a faster pace because I just remembered I had a test today. Oh well, I'm going to fail it anyways, so what's the point. I slipped on a white tank top and a black sweater with some red toms.

I grabbed a pen because I couldn't find my books that I needed. I'm such a dumbass. I then walked down the hall to my classromm until I saw the name 'Ms. Burks' on the door. Well here goes nothin'.

 I walked in and everyone was staring at me as they looked up from their test. Ms. Burks said annoyed, "Look who finnaly decides to show up.". I just smirk as a reply and grabbed my test. "Choose an empty seat. There's one next to Harry.", she says as I hear giggiling, so I look up and see that it's coming from Kristen and Louis. That explains why there's an empty seat.

I go to my seat next to Harry and sit down. He doesn't even bother to look up from the test. What a loser.

I didn't know any of the answers since I didn't pay attention in class and to Harry, so I just circled random shit, hoping I got at least one right. Congradulations Kaitlinn, you are officially a dumbass.


harrys' pov

I noticed Kaitlinn was done offly fast. There is no way she tried. "Psss." Kaitlinn looks p and flips me off. Well that wasn't very nice. "What's your problem?", I ask. "You.", she answers. "Well someones being a bitch this morning.", I say, taking it back immediatly in my head. "Well someone's being a smartass this moring.", she says annoyed.


As I walked into the dinning hall for lunch, I sit down at the table where Louis, Kristen, Katia, Niall, Zane, Liam, and Kaitlinn were sitting at. I sit down and immediatly everyone gets up except for Kaitlinn. Awkward. They just turn around and smirk. They are definatly trying to set us up. This is not going to work since Kaitlinn hates me and likes some other guy at her old school.

I look at Kaitlinn and I notice her head is down and she is flipping off the table where the rest of them sat. Well they must suck at matchmaking because apparently, this is not working AT ALL.






















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