boarding school

Hi, my name is Kaitlinn Clark. I have dark brunette hair with bright blue eyes. I have two bestfriends named Kristen and Katia. We are all 16. We have to go to a boarding school in England called Lawrence Academy because of a stupid mistake we made. I absoloutly HATE One Direction. They happen to be going there for the same year as us. Will I start liking them and end up liking a certain curly haired boy? Read and find out...


6. first day of school

kaitlinns' pov

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!", went my pounding alarm. Just great, it's the first day of school. Ha, this should be interesting. I'm not used to showing up for class. When I did show up I would either a. sleep,, on my phone the whole time, or That's pretty much what my school days consisted of if I showed up.

I'm WAY behind. It's not even funny. The school is giving me the best in their classes to be my tutor to help me. He/she will be with me pretty much all the time. Huh, hope fully they aren't that big of a loser.

Kristen and Katia were already up. Katia is an early riser so she has already showered and Kristen was in the shower at the moment. Our school now didn't have a dress code, so we got to wear whatever we wanted as long as it's school appropriot. They said they aren't taht stricked if it's short or anything, just don't show up in you bra and underwear or boxers.

I layed out my clothes which consisted of, light blue jean shorts that ahd a few holes in them and were semi fringed at the bottow, with a plain white tank top with a bright pink bra so you could see it through my tank top, and grey vans.

I was going for more of the slutty look I guess, to give the teachers a ;I on't give a fuck' look. Ha it's going to be a mission accomplish.

Krsiten then got out of the shower, so I got in while Katia was almost ready as she was doing her hair and make-up. I wear a lot of make-up, but not too much where it looks caked on. I'm just very insecure about myself.

As I got out of the shower, Katia was wearing ripped jeans that were faded with some sperries (A/N-those are a brand of shoes for those of you who don't know) and a white v-neck. Her hair was straight and she had just enough make-up on. She had a look of 'it looks like I didn't try, but I did and I can still pull it off'.

Kristen was now putting on her make-up, not doing her hair and letting it go her natural wave. I guess she already blow dried her hair, which I was doing at the moment. As I was putting my make-up on, Kristen was getting dressed. She wore dark washed jeans with a grey swetshirt and some bright pink vans. Kristen gets cold very easily.

I was done putting on my make-up, so while my curling iron heated up, I put my clothes on. Then, I curled my hair.

Once we were all done getting ready, we went to the dinning hall to eat breakfast. Ha! I remembered to take my key this time.

louis' pov

The boys and I were all dressed so we went down to the dinning hall to eat. Harry kept on talking about this girl named Kaitlinn. I knew she was the one who walked off yesterday. She was really pretty, but I liked a certain blonde one. Her name is Kristen, she is stunning. I knew Niall had eyes for Katia. She was really nice and pretty. They were all pretty.

The lunch ladies brought us our food abd we began to eat. Then we noticed Kristen, Katia, and Kaitlinn walk in. They all looked beautiful. I noticed Harry get happy and Niall too, if that's possible, We said "hi" real fast, but we had to go get our books for school. I guess they were running a little late. Oh well.

harrys' pov

I was now sitting in my seat next to Louis in class as I saw Kaitlinn and Kristen walk in together. They looked confussed until the teacher saw them. Ms. Burks, which was our Science teacher, greated them. She sat both Kaitlinn and Kristen right in front of Lou and I. I was so happy.

We didn't pay attention at all and we talked the whole time. Ha, I know I'm probably going to fail this class now becasue I'm going to be distracted by Kaitlinn.

At the end of class, Ms. Burks pulled Kaitlinn and I aside. "Is there a problem Ms?", I asked a little confussed. "No, no dear. I just need you to tutor Kaitlinn for all of her classes because she is behind and you are one of the smarter ones.", said Ms.Burks. Kaitlinn just rolled her eyes and said, "Sure, whatever.", and walked away. Ugh, I'm going to have a lot of chasing afte to do if she keeps walking away like that.










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