boarding school

Hi, my name is Kaitlinn Clark. I have dark brunette hair with bright blue eyes. I have two bestfriends named Kristen and Katia. We are all 16. We have to go to a boarding school in England called Lawrence Academy because of a stupid mistake we made. I absoloutly HATE One Direction. They happen to be going there for the same year as us. Will I start liking them and end up liking a certain curly haired boy? Read and find out...


7. awkward

kaitlinns' pov

Harry and I were sitting on his bed studing for our Science test that was tomorrow, since he is my tutor. I am absolutly HORRIBLE at Science. Like it's my worst subject, and that means a lot. The lesson was over sexual reproduction. Talk about AWKWARD.

He was trying to explain it to me but I wasn't paying attention. This was SO boring. It went in one ear, out the other. Blah, blah, blah. It's not like I don't already know this shit. I am the expert of sexual reproduction, if you know what I mean. Lol, just kidding.

He kept on glancing up at me. Wtf, was there something on my face? So I asked that, "Um, is there like something on my face?", "Yeah, lemme get it.", Harry replied while licking his thumb and whiping some sauce off of the side of my mouth.

Well this is awkward....

harrys' pov

Well this is awkward....

Why the hell did I just do that? I know she hates me but now I bet she thinks I'm a freak. I don't even think she's listening to me explain this shit. "Are you listening, or am I just wasting my time teaching you about sex?", I said bored. "Follow me!", Kaitlinn said with a smirk. "What the fuck are you doing? We are going to get in so much trouble, it's past curfew to go to bed!", I said worried. "Don't be such a whimp. Just follow me, I'm hungry.", she said annoyed.

She walked quietly to the kitchen as I followed. I swear if we get in trouble, it's her fault. "Harry, loosten up a bit. You need to have some fun and adventure in your life.".

I just stopped looking annoyed and took her words of advice.

We eventually got to the kitchen and she opened the fridge and grabbed a tube of ice-cream and two spoons. All of a sudden, an alarm went off. "OH SHIT!", we both scream and run. I followed her since she seemed to know where to go.

We went to my room and started cracking up. We were laughing so hard, we started crying. I didn't know I was such a badass. I think I'm falling for her. I know it's hard to believe, but I think I am.

She is very judgemental about people and doesn't accept a lot of people in her life. I hope I'm one of those people who she accepted. I think she has because she trusted me with her secrects when we played 20 questions.

"Hey Kaitlinn?", "Yeah", she asked sweatly. "Do you trust me?", "Yeah?", Kaitlinn answered more as a question.

I was interested of who she liked and she kept on starring at me to finnish the sentence so I said, "Who do you like?", "Um this one guy that went to my old school, you don't know him.", my heart just dropped. For some weird reason I wanted her to say me. Well, that's never going to happen. She's too good for me anyways.

kaitlinns' pov

I noticed he looked a little hurt after I said I like some guy from my old school. Why the hell did I say that? I clearly like him. I hope he likes me too, but from the looks of it, he doesn't.

katias' pov

I was in Nialls' room at the moment. We were just messing around getting to know eachother better. Then all of a sudden I got real hungry. "Hey Niall?", "Yeah?", he asked. "Do you have any food, I'm starving.", "I thought you'd never ask. Of course I do!", he said smiling. I just smiled back and grabbed the bag of chips and we started eating.

I really like him even though I barely know him. He is funny, cute, and really nice. I hope everything turns out the way I hope it would.

louis' pov

I was with Kristen right now. She was giggling at a text she got. I grabbed her phone and ran away and locked myself in the bathroom , in her room. I clicked on who she was texting, Kaitlinn.

I know Harry REALLY likes her. He wouldn't shut up about her last night. I was going through their some of their messages as something caught my eye.

Kristen- Hey bebe.

Kaitlinn- Hey babe. How's Louis? (;

Kristen- Good. How's Harry? (;

Kaitlinn- Haha good, we just stole some ice-cream from the kitchen and the alarm went off, so we sprinted to his room and started crying from laughing so hard!!

Kristen- Lol, do u like him?

Kaitlinn- Who?

Kristen- Harry, dumbass. Who else would I be talking about?

Kaitlinn- Ur mom. Lol jk, good one! And ya, but I don't think he likes me back...

Kristen- HE MIGHT. AHHHH you guys would look SO CUTE together!!!!

Kaitlinn- Hahaha, so do u like Louis?

Kristen- Yaaaa (;

Kaitlinn- Ooolala. Lol, k gtg. Ttyl.


I almost dropped the phone. I can't believe Kristen likes me! She is SO pretty. I like her too and she doesn't know that, YET. Ooo Harry and Kaitlinn. I can't believe Kaitlinn can't tell Harry likes her. They would be cute together.

I finally came out of the bathroom and handed Kristen her phone back with a huge smiling on my face. She was blushing. I finally spoke up and said, "Harry likes Kaitlinn. We are going to play matchmaker for them and set them up." We both smiled. This should be FUN.



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