boarding school

Hi, my name is Kaitlinn Clark. I have dark brunette hair with bright blue eyes. I have two bestfriends named Kristen and Katia. We are all 16. We have to go to a boarding school in England called Lawrence Academy because of a stupid mistake we made. I absoloutly HATE One Direction. They happen to be going there for the same year as us. Will I start liking them and end up liking a certain curly haired boy? Read and find out...


1. prince charming

kaitlinn's pov

When I was younger my brother used to read to me fairy tales. They all had happy endings and were madly in love. My brother once told me that one day I would find my prince charming just like the princesses did. Then realitly hit me, I am never going to find my prince charming. There are millions of people in this world and one is for me. I'm know as the 'flirt' or 'always having a boyfriend' because I'm always trying to find my prince charming. Obviously, that hasn't happened yet.


"Come on Katia!", I yelled to one of my bestfriends who has light brown hair and brown eyes. "No, we will get in trouble! Our parents already told us if we get drunk again, they will send us to a boarding school in England.", said Katia.

end of flashback

She is the smarter one in our friend group. She makes great grades and doesn't like to get in trouble a lot. Ha, she ends up getting in trouble a lot because she is bestfreinds with me. I'm more of the 'badass' in the group I guess. I get suspended a lot, drink, do drugs,get arrested, and don't really care what people think of me. I guess I do that stuff because I want attention from my parents. I know you would say that's really stupid of you to do, but you dont know my parents. They never pay attention to me because they are always 'busy' with work. My dad is a recording artist and records famous singers with my other bestfriend, Kristens' dad. She had blonde hair and green eyes. Katias' mom is a famous actress, so all of our parents have a lot of money.

People would say we have a 'perfect' lifes, but honestly we hate it. We never have family time anymore, we get treated differently because of who our parents are, and whatever we do, we end up in a magezine. We have NO privacy. I HATE it. 

As you can guess, Kristen and I talked Katia into going to the party. She is really easy to persuade. I honestly don't remeber what happened at the party we wnet to. I remember dancing a lot, losing track of time, and mostly losing track of how many drinks I had. Before I knew it, it was the morning and I was laying on the ground in my room with a massive headake. I look up to see my mom glaring at me. "Shit.", say under my breath.

kaitlinns' moms' pov

I wake up at four in the morning to hear a loud sound of Kaitlinn coming home, I guess she fell. I thought she was doing good at not do anything bad lately. Nevermid, she's definatly drunk right now. The girls I guess didn't take us seriously when we said if one or all get caught drunk, they are going to a boarding school in England called Lawrence Academy. I guess I should start buying plane tickets, because they are definatly going now. I am so sick of them making huge mistakes. Us parents thought we needed to teach them something to straighten them out. That thing to straighten them out is boarding school. Congradualtions girls, you all are officialy going.


kaitlinns' pov

"I'm very disappointed in you, I almost thought you were doing good with the deal of not doing anything bad for a while.", my mother said sternly while handing me a cup of water and an asprin. "Can you talk a little quieter, my head is pounding!", I said to my mother while I was about to take my medicane. "Well, you should start packing, that's what your other friends are doing at the moment.", my mom said seriously. "And why would I be packing?", asked totally confussed. "Beacause you will be leaving in,", my mom looks at her watch,"five hours, so start packing and get ready for the plane to leave for England for your boarding school, Lawrence Academy." Shit, I totally forgot about that! Yippee, lucky me.







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