Happy Birthday

On a cold winter day,
God has sent an angel on earth for one person.
After a long time passed,
That angel who has given so much love,
Had been hurt and shed tears
But the angel still smiled at me.

After we loved and were separated for a bit.
This is the angel’s first birthday
I can’t be next to you but
Happy birthday, happy birthday.
I thank the one who made you be born.
Once again, happy birthday

Happy Birthday.
I love you so much

-"Happy Birthday" Nu'est ~ One-Shot http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/377880/


1. Chukhahaeyo, Manhi Saranghaeyo (Happy Birthday, I Love You So Much)



Baekho woke up to see the snow falling outside his window. He smiled, knowing what day is was. But part of him was sad for a reason he swore never to talk about, no matter how much it hurt him. It's been a year to the day since the event.

"Please, don't leave me... Please..."

He rolled out of bed and looked at her picture. Her bright smile made him happy, but it also brought back the memories of when they were together.

The first task of the day was to get her favorite flowers. A whole bunch of them, to be exact. He wasn't hoping to get her back. He knew that would be impossible.

"Come back..."

Then he went to where he knew she'd always be. He walked down the long pathway and reached where she was.

"I can't live without you..."

He sat beside her and put his head down. "I'm sorry... for breaking up with you. I didn't think you would do this..."


"I only left you because I was scared. I loved... still love you. So much. But, I guess I'm too late to say that... This is all my fault..." he said and let a few tears escape.

He stood back up and placed the flowers on her tombstone. "Chukhahaeyo, Manhi Saranghaeyo."

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