Zayn Malik, The One.

Jessica is a average girl. Nothing special
one day she runs into her favorite singer Zayn Malik from One Direction.
He turns her world around and she's completely in love. there's romance, jealousy, adventure, and overall a fantastic love story.
please read on for entertainment :)


3. Shopping

My sister Abby thought it would be a good idea to go shopping, you know to get some new clothes for this year. Im not really into that stuff though, but whatever made her happy i was okay with. "You know Jessica you should really think about changing your wardrobe. I'll help you!" she was so excited to show me her sense of style. "here try this on!" she held up a strapless dress that was black on the top and flowed down into white lace. "No thats okay, can we go to Starbucks across the street" i replied back.

"Seriously Jessica, i took you shopping for a reason."

"Please!" i begged

"Fine, but after i get to pick the next store and you have to try on everything i tell you"

"Deal." We walked across the street, we both got a Carmel Macchiato and sat at a table. i took out my folder and started writing a song. Abby was talking to me but i really wasn't paying attention. Then someone walked in, i could tell exactly who it was. It was Matt and he wasn't with Amanda. I quickly put my head down. "Jessica whats wrong"

"Shh!" i loudly whispered as i kicked her leg under the table. she caught me looking at Matt and she knew exactly what was going on.

"ohh! You like that guy huh?" she yelled. he looked directly at us and smiled

"Um no, can we go now?"

"of course, I've been dying to go to Forever 21" She ran out of Starbucks and started running over to the store. I tried to catch up with her. I picked up my papers and started running after her, i tripped and my papers went flying everywhere. I was really embarrassed and started picking my papers up. Then i saw a boot stepping on one of them, it was my song. The guy bent down and picked it up. I picked up everything else and stood up. He was reading my song out loud. i glared at him and snatched the paper away from his hand. "You're a really good song writer!" he said with a smile

"Thanks, i never thought they would be anything."

"Well you never know if you don't try" i started gazing into his eyes but snapped out of it.

"Well i guess i should go" i said pointing to the store Abby was at. i started walking away but he grabbed my arm.

"Wait, i didn't catch your name love."

"Its Jessica"

"Im Zayn, i would love to take you out to dinner." I started to reply but then he handed me his phone number, kissed my cheek, then walked away. i walked into the store where Abby was. "Uhh, what was that all about?" she said in a stern voice.

"i think i just found a date.."

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