Zayn Malik, The One.

Jessica is a average girl. Nothing special
one day she runs into her favorite singer Zayn Malik from One Direction.
He turns her world around and she's completely in love. there's romance, jealousy, adventure, and overall a fantastic love story.
please read on for entertainment :)


2. School

I'm nervous, i mean i know this is my last year but i feel like it's a waste anyway. Madison came to pick me up as we head to school she tells me how we should go to all the school dances and actually make something of ourselves this year. She always makes this speech and nothing has ever happened. We get to school and i grab my schedule. I walk into my first class and there is see Matt sitting by the window. He looks right at me and i look away and start walking towards Mrs. Clark's desk. We have a seating chart. As im looking Amanda comes "move it loser" she pushes me away. "Damn. i sit in the front.' she complains. I look to see where i sit and i see that i sit right next to Matt. Great, i have a class with him and get to sit next to him and Amanda has this class with us. Fantastic. Mrs. Clark begins talking and i can barely focus with this anxiety. The bell rings and i hurried to my next class avoiding the She Devil. Madison was in my next class so that was good. Nothing really happened and when the bell rang Madison and I headed to our lockers. "So, do you have any classes with Matt?" Madison said teasing me "Yeah i do" 

"Really? Did anything happen?"

"No, i sit by him though.."

"Oo la la"

"Yeah except for the fact that Amanda is there"

"That girl is evil and doesnt deserve to be happy with him" She said while rolling her eyes. She was right Amanda has done nothing but ruin my social life. Luckily i got through my day and headed home. When i walked through the front door my mom was waiting there excited to hear how my first day of Senior year went. My mom is too enthusiastic, she knows that im nothing to rant about but she's proud of me for some reason. "How was your day honey?"


"I'm making your favorite dinner for the start of your big year'

"Thanks mom but im not very hungry" I said as i hurried up the stairs to my room. She thought this was a good year but i knew that this year was going to be just like the other ones. Worthless. 

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