Zayn Malik, The One.

Jessica is a average girl. Nothing special
one day she runs into her favorite singer Zayn Malik from One Direction.
He turns her world around and she's completely in love. there's romance, jealousy, adventure, and overall a fantastic love story.
please read on for entertainment :)


1. Jessica's life

Hi im Jessica. i live in Los Angeles. I'm 17 years old, this is my senior year in High School. My best friend is Madison, we arent very popular. Yeah right we arent popular what so ever. I have a HUGE crush on a varsity football player named Matt. Very cliche but he's sweet, well from the distance i see him from. He's dating my ex best friend Amanda. She ditched me in 7th grade because she said i was "holding her back from popularity' well i guess i was. Tomorrow is the first day of school and this weekend my older sister Taylor wants to go shopping. I'm really not into that kind of stuff but she says that we dont spend time together plus she promised to take me to Borders to get some new books. Well lets see where this takes me...

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