One Shot - One Direction Valentines Addition

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1. Valentines Addition

One Direction One Shot

Valentine’s Addition


                “A blind date, really?” I queried my best friend, Bailey. She bobbed her head up and down at me before whisking me off to the door of the petite dinner I stood in front of. The diner had a bright blue sign that looked kind of trendy, neon pink surrounded the bright blue lettering.


                The sign read my favorite dinner, Phillip’s Bar and Grille. It was a small bar and grille on the outskirts of town, but the food was always so delicious. I walked into the small restaurant and I was immediately hit with the spicy aroma of grilled meats.


                The inside of the diner was opaque and adorned with a Valentines theme. Bailey sauntered in behind me and examined the diminutive amount of people in the diner for the two individuals we were supposed to be meeting. When she spotted them sitting in a dim corner, her fingers clutched my wrist and she began to tug me in the direction of the two boys.


                When we arrived at their seat, she waved and sat down in front of curly haired boy with vivid green eyes and sitting on the inside of a seat. I decided not to glance at the boy I was going to double dating with and just sat down.


                I let out a soft breath of air and began playing with a piece of my curly brown hair. Bailey and the curly haired kid began chatting and ogling over each other whilst the boy in front of me and I were hushed to complete silence. We were almost inaudibly daring each other to talk first with our self-silence.


                After about two minutes, I cleared my throat and glanced up at the boy sitting across from me. He was adorned in a black t-shirt that displayed his muscles nicely and I could justly say he looked quite strong. The boy had brown army cut hair that was almost brown and deep chocolate pools for eyes.


                I informed that he was used to girls drooling over him by the way he didn’t even flinch after I ogled at him for a few more seconds. “Hi,” I verbalized in a hushed tone.


                “Hi,” he announced with a small grin on his pink lips, “My name’s Liam.” Handsome name…


                I beamed a small smile his way, “Cady,” I articulated. Liam dipped his head at me before bringing it back up and showing me a beaming grin.


                “Beautiful,” he deluged. I bopped my head up and down quickly a few times before staring straight into his chocolate pools once more. A few minutes of meaningless conversation later our waitress appeared.


                “Hello, my name is Mandi and I will be your server tonight. Here are your menus, are you ready for drinks or do you need a few more minutes?” she queried in a rush while supplying us with our menus. We all looked at each other, bobbing our heads in unison, declaring to Mandi that we were ready.


                We gave our drink orders and went back to mindless talking until our waitress came back and took our orders, I ordered my favorite burger, the one I get every time I come here, “A lot of food for such a small girl,” Liam mumbled to me. I shrugged my shoulders at him and took a sip of my lemonade.


                “You’d be surprised at how much I can fit in here,” I acknowledged the fact that I could fit quite a bit of food in my petite gut. He bobbed his head at me before taking a sip of his drink.


                “You should see my friend, Niall,” he muttered and the boy next to him looked at him. A small grin coming onto his face, he let out a chuckle.


                “Yeah, he eats quite a bit, doesn’t he!” the curly haired boy laughed and smiled at Bailey. “I’m Harry,” he declared, acknowledging the fact I didn’t know his name.


                I beamed a smile at him, “Hi, I’m Cady,” muttered, a smile still on my face. Did he say Harry and Niall? I froze, he did…


                “Harry, Niall… Liam,” I muttered and Liam must have heard me. I heard someone groan and I glanced up.


                “I told you one of them would find out,” Liam uttered to Harry and my mouth fell open, making the shape of – what I suspected – a perfect ‘o’. Bailey laughed and pushed my mouth closed with the back of her hand.


                “How didn’t you figure that out sooner, you are a Directioner,” she announced with a stunningly beautiful laugh. I glanced at her, glaring slightly. She merely continued to giggle as if I had not just killed her with my mind.


                By the end of the date, I had Liam’s number and a kiss on the cheek. A year passed and I still didn’t call Liam, nor did I keep his number. I had thrown it away the second I got home, swearing that he would never take interest in a girl like me.


                It was a week before Valentine’s Day a Bailey was stomping around our house like a pissed off puppy, pouting at me and protesting the fact that I didn’t call Liam back. It was a yearly ritual for us to go on a double date together and this year, I didn’t have a date.


                “If you can’t find a date, I’m going to find one for you,” she yelled in a hushed, slightly cross tone. I shrugged as she stomped and pouted her way over to my laptop, taking it off the charger, she plopped her petite butt down on my couch before propping her feet up on my coffee table.


                I sighed, slightly annoyed with her as she scowled over her glasses at my computer, her blond hair becoming slightly frizzy with the ever increasing humidity. “Why, I don’t want to go on another blind date with someone I have never met before,” I uttered under my breath and scowled at my couch cushion.


                Bailey sighed and I could almost see her roll her eyes at me, although I wasn’t looking at her, it was just one of those Bailey things. A few minutes later, she made me snap a picture of myself and a few hours after that; we heard an almost inaudible dinging sound.


                Bailey grinned and danced around before opening my laptop. Her mouth fell open as she stared at the screen. I merely continued to pop a wad of popcorn in my mouth, “What, is he ugly?” I interrogated her. She shook her head at me, her mouth agape as she continued to stare at the screen, not taking her eyes off of it.


                “No,” she answered what I already knew; “Unless you think Liam Freaking Payne is ugly!” she shrieked at me and screamed bloody murder in a happy sort of way. I rolled my eyes at her over happiness. It’s probably not even him…


                “I’m pretty sure his middle name isn’t Freaking and, it’s probably not even him!” I stated in a duh tone before moving my eyes back to the television while popping more popcorn into my mouth.


                Bailey frowned at me and began typing something into the computer, I ignored her until an hour later when it dinged again, and she typed something back. I got lost into a random movie, forgetting about her until I heard my phone buzz in pocket.


                I sighed and picked it up, hitting the send button, “Hello?” I muttered.


                “Hey, Cady?” a masculine voice queried me.




                “This is Liam, from last Valentine’s Day,” he stated into the phone and my mouth fell wide open. I heard Bailey shriek and run around like a retarded penguin for a few seconds before I responded.


                “Oh, hi,” I uttered and realized that it was quite rude of me not to sound happy, “How are you?” I fixed myself.


                I heard him chuckle, “I’m good! I was wonder if you wanted to go out with Harry and I again on Valentines, I don’t have a date and Bailey said that you don’t either, so…” he trailed off and I popped a piece of popcorn into my mouth, trying to sound like it didn’t faze me at all.


                “Oh, yeah, sure, I’d love to!” I enthused joyfully.


                That is how Liam and I’s nine month long (and still going) relationship started…


                Thank you for reading, I’m new to this site and I saw it on one of my follower’s on wattpad’s pages, so I came here. Then I saw the ‘1Shot41D’ contest and I had to sign up! (: Vote and comment, thanks guys! :D

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