Forbidden ~Larry Stylinson~

Louis and Harry. Harry and Louis. Two of five of One Direction. Just friebds. Denied as lovers. Fail to show their love. Forced to hide. Hide their secrets their love thier screams as they pretend to love another person. They are.... F O R B I D D EN


1. Where are you?


  "Happy Birthday Harry" Everyone around me sang. I looked around. looking for him. the boy i loved. my everything. He wasnt there.  I faked a smile to show that i wasnt hurt that my lover hasn't shown up to my 19th birthday.  Maybe it was revenge when i didnt go to his 21st birthday. But i was stuck with the ratchet whore T-T-Tay.. I can't say her name. No way.

      After they sang to me. Everyone left me alone to dance. I sat on the couch waiting for Louis. Around three am. He wasn't there.  i decided to finally text him.

H: Where are you babe?

L: Tom won't let me go. :( i fucking hate Modest! they wont let me love you. i really just wanna be wrapped up in your arms all night. As you carass my hair until i fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of you.

H: it's not their fault. They don't want us to lose fans..

L: So now your stucking up for them? omfg Harry they have brainwashed you!  There are people who know about us and continue to ship us.  and your worried about your precious followers than your boyfriend of two years. ok. fuck you.

H: no Louis you dont understand. There is people that ship you and Eleanor. what about them? they wouldn't like the larry shippers yelling "i told you so" in their faces. i'm just dont want drama.

L: Happy  fucking Birthday...dude.

H: see you at home? i love you.

I just wanna go home to my baby. to hug him. I got up and headed towards the door. 

"Aye Harry where going? Its your birthday." Nick said.

"I wanna go home someone is waiting for me." i lied.

"the party just started!" Niall said as a stripped walked down the stairs and pulled me onto the couch.

I thought of Louis and prayed he would save me.

Please Louis. Save. me.


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