Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


11. Truth or Dare Again

We are about to play when Harry says, "I have got to plug my phone in on the charger in my room first." He gets up and heads down the hall. I wait a few minutes before telling Niall that I have to use the restroom before we play and he says, "Hurry back." He smiles at me and I get up and head down the hall to find Harry and ask him what the his problem is. I find him in his room because the door is open and I can hear him talking to himself. I can't understand what he is saying until I get closer and then I hear him saying, "Keep it together Styles." He kept saying it over and over to himself. I knock on the open door and he jumps. "Oh, Dallas, you scared me," he says seeing that it's me.

"Are you alright and why wouldn't you look at me earlier?" I ask him curiously.

"Oh, that," is all he says.

"Is there something wrong with me?" I ask trying to understand what the problem is.

"No. I actually think you are really pretty and to tell you the truth I fancied you a bit when I met you and that was why Louis dared me to kiss you but I'm sorry to say that your friend Shayla is super hot and if I looked at you I would look at her and I don't think I can handle that," he says. wait did he just say he has a crush on me? Or did he say he did have a crush on me? I am just going to forget he said that.

"So you just didn't want to see Shayla?" I ask confused.

"Exactly I mean I don't fancy her like I do you but I don't know her either," Harry says. He just said it again. He needs to stop. I'm with Niall.

"Oh well you will definitely get to know her on this tour," I say not mentioning the crush thing.

"Yeah," he says looking at the ground.

"Well I should probably get back to the living room and you should too," I say turning around to leave.

"Yeah," he says again and I go back to the living room. I sit down next to Niall and Harry comes in a few seconds behind me. He sits next to Louis. Next to Louis on the other side is Eleanor and next to her is Danielle. Next to her is Liam and then it is Shayla and then Ronnie and then me. Next to me is Niall and then Zayn and Perrie and back to Harry.

Then Louis starts, "Dallas, truth or dare?"

"Dare," I say.

"I dare you to.... French kiss with Niall right here, right now," he says with a smirk. Well it's a dare I can't back out, not that I want to. So I take Niall's face in my hand and we French kiss and it was actually really enjoyable.

"Alright my turn," I say after the kiss is over. "Liam, truth or dare?" I ask.

"Truth," Liam says.

"Like always," Louis says under his breathe.

Then Niall whispers in my ear a question. "Liam have you ever just wanted to run in the streets naked?" I ask with a giggle and Niall starts laughing.

"I'm going to have to say no to that one," Liam says chuckling at the crazy question. "Um Harry, truth or dare?" Liam asks.

"Dare," Harry says.

"Alright I dare you to sit on Niall's lap with nothing on except your underwear for the rest of the game," Liam dares.

"Fine but that is a stupid dare because I would do that anyways," Harry says and he gets up and takes of his shirt and pants and sit on Niall's lap. Why does it have to be Niall? Why does it have to be next to me? Especially with what he just told me in his bedroom. "Eleanor, truth or dare?" Harry asks her.

"Dare," she says with a grin.

"I dare you to take off Louis' trousers and sit on his lap for the rest of the game," Harry dares. so she gets up off of the floor and pulls Louis to his feet and takes down his pants and sits back down on his lap. I can't believe she just did that.

"Zayn, truth or dare?" she asks.

"Truth," he says.

"Figures," Louis says under his breathe. This makes me giggle.

Louis whispers into her ear and she laughs and says, "Do you ever feel like wearing girls' panties?"

"Uh no," Zayn says. We all burst out laughing. Niall and I have the loudest laughs and once everyone else is calming down he and I are still laughing. Then we realize everyone is looking at us and we calm down a little but we are still giggling softly.

"You two are totally made for each other," Liam says about Niall and myself. Apparently this was mind boggling to everyone because once Liam said this we were no longer interested in truth or dare and more interested in how Niall and I were the perfect couple. Harry got off of Niall's lap and put his clothes back on and Louis had Eleanor move off of his lap so he could put his pants back on. Everyone was talking about me and Niall. That is except for Harry.


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