Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


9. The Wait

I wake up and jump out of Niall's bed. I run down the hall to the kitchen and grab a bowl and spoon. I take the cereal out of the pantry and get the milk out the fridge. I pour myself some cereal and sit down to eat it. Niall isn't even up yet but I am too excited to sleep anymore. Also I'm super hungry.

After I eat my cereal I go into Niall's room again and very quietly go to my suit case and take out a pair of dark skinny jeans and a baby blue tank top that says 'Smile it's good for you' on it. I go to the bathroom and change my out of my gray sweatpants and hot pink 'I wish everyday was my birthday' t-shirt, and I put on the clothes I just got out of my suite case. I straighten my hair and do my makeup by just putting on some eyeliner on the bottom lid and mascara like I always do. I am so excited to see my friends. They are getting to the London airport at about noon and Niall and I are going to pick them up from there. We are then going to come back to Niall's and get ready to go to lunch at Nando's. Then we will get the girls checked into their hotel, which is the hotel I stayed at for a night, and then they can decide if they want to go to Louis and Harry's flat or not. We planned the whole day already and I cant wait until noon. The girls had to leave at six o'clock this morning and it's nine o'clock here so they will be here in about three hours.

I go to the living room and look through Niall's DVDs to try and find a movie that I can watch to pass the time. I find, believe it or not, "Bridesmaids" so I stick it in and press play.

I am about an hour into the movie when Niall comes very slowly walking out of his room and into the kitchen. He looks like he is still sleeping. "Morning Baby," I say with a giggle.

"Good morning Princess," Niall says in a sleepy voice. He looks so cute in the morning. His hair is all messy and going in all directions. He is wearing just his boxers which I can't complain about. He grabs some cereal, a bowl, a spoon, and the milk and pours himself a bowl as I did earlier. "Want any?" he asks as he puts the first bite in his mouth.

"No thanks. I already had some when I got up," I say.

"When was that because it had to be a while ago if you're already ready for the day and pretty much in the middle of that movie," he says pointing his spoon at me sitting on the couch and then at the TV.

"I got up at about nine," I say with a giggle.

"Holy crap!" Niall shouts.

"I was too excited to sleep anymore," I say giggling even more.

"It's 10:30," Niall says reading the clock on the wall.

"Yeah, well I still have like an hour left to wait so that's why I'm watching this movie," I say pointing to the TV.

"Well I better eat and get ready then," he says with a smile.

"Yes, you better," I say going back to the movie. He finishes eating in about 15 minutes after eating three bowls of cereal. Then he goes to his room and comes out about 10 minutes later in gray, baggy sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt. He goes into the bathroom and comes out in about 10 more minutes and his hair is combed down. He then goes back into his room and comes back out with a gray beanie on his head. He walks over to me and sits down and puts his arm around me. He leans his on the back of the couch and closes his eyes. "Tired Babe?" I ask giggling.

"Extremely," he says opening his eyes and looking into mine. "I'm going to call Paul and have him drive us because I don't want to," he says closing his eyes again.

"That's probably a good idea," I say snuggling into him. I am really excited for my friends to come but I could stay like this all day.

Niall grabs his phone out of his sweatpants pocket and calls Paul. Paul agrees to driving us to the airport and says he will be there in about 15 minutes to pick us up. I am just snuggling with Niall on the couch when my phone starts vibrating in my back, right pocket. Of course Niall is on my right side so I have to lean away from him to get my phone out. I look at the screen and see Mom on it. I answer it and say, "Hello?"

"Hey how's it going?" my mom asks checking in.

"Good, Shayla and Ronnie are coming in like 45 minutes," I tell her. I haven't talked to my mom since I've been here and I am happy to hear her voice.

"Really you finally told them?" she asks surprised.

"Yeah I just couldn't go on this tour without them so now they are on a plane to come here to go with me," I say.

"That's good. So are you and Niall dating yet?" she asks. I tell my mom everything about the boys I like and I told her about the kiss that happened between Niall and I while playing 'truth or dare' that first day I met the boys.

"Actually we are," I say.

"Really?" she asks with a shocked tone in her voice.

"Yeah," I say reassuringly.

"Wow! Good for you Dallas! Well Honey I have to go but I will talk to you again soon ok?" my mom says. I know she is at work but I would love to just keep talking to her all day.

"Ok, bye Mom, love you," I say into the phone.

"Love you too, bye," my mom says and then she hangs up. I miss my mom but it is nice to talk to her at least.

"You ready to go Princess?" Niall asks me as he gets up from the couch.

"I guess," I say as he takes my hand and we head out the door.

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