Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


8. Telling My Secret

"I can't believe you didn't tell us!" Shayla says in shock after I just told her and Ronnie about the boys and that I want them here with me to go on the tour.

"I just thought that I wanted them as my little secret but I know that was not the right choice because I need you guys to know everything that is happening in my life and I can't have that if I don't tell you guys about one of the biggest things that has like ever happened to me in my whole life," I say explaining why I didn't tell them.

"So where are you right now because obviously you aren't with your aunt in California?" Ronnie asks kind of coldly.

"I'm in England at Niall's house... actually I'm in his bed at the moment," I say answering the question.

"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!!?" Shayla screams into the phone.

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys that Niall and I are like a unofficial couple now I guess," I say unsure of my relationship status at the moment.

"Seriously?" Shayla asks in a super shocked tone of voice.

"Yeah I'm not really sure at the moment because I mean we have made out a couple of times and he called me his princess and he always calls me beautiful but he hasn't said if we are official or not," I say confused and thinking of Niall. I wish he was here beside me.

"Well you should probably ask him," Shayla says the thing I have been dreading. I don't know how to ask Niall about our relationship status without being awkward about it. I am always awkward when I get nervous. "Dallas, I know you're freaking out right now about asking him but you have to just breathe and ask him because otherwise you will never know," Shayla says from the other line when I don't answer.

"You're right. I'll ask him but you guys need to talk to your parents and get here because I need you and if you need me to I will have Niall, Paul, myself, or all of the boys call them just to get you here. My mom can even call so just let me know what it takes. Niall said he will do anything," I say pleadingly.

"I'll ask," Ronnie says still in a cold tone.

"Same here," Shayla says excitedly.

"Alright well call me after to let me know what I or Niall needs to do," I say hopefully.

"Bye," Ronnie says and hangs up. What was her problem?

"I definitely will, bye!" Shayla squeals excitedly into the phone and she hangs up as well. I just want them here so badly.

Now I have to ask Niall about our relationship. I'm so nervous I could faint. I get out of his bed and walk out of the room and go to the kitchen to find Niall making waffles and bacon. "Niall can I ask you something?" I ask and them I think 'well I just did ask him something so I'm an idiot already'.

"Sure, what's on your mind babe?" he asks turning his attention towards me.

"I was just wondering.... where our uh... relationship stands," I say and I can feel my hands shaking so I put them behind my back so he can't see.

"What do you mean?" he asks looking confused.

"Well...like am I your girlfriend or just a friend that you enjoy kissing or..." I trail off feeling awkward.

"Oh am I supposed to ask you to be my girlfriend like in the movies?" he asks seriously and I can feel that he kind of assumed I knew I was his girlfriend.

"No I was just wanting to be sure where we were as in a relationship," I say looking at the ground. I feel really stupid for asking now.

"Oh, yeah I guess I wasn't really clear but I was assuming you were my girlfriend," he says.

"Alright that was just what I was asking about. I just wanted to make sure you were my boyfriend," I say still looking at the ground and I don't notice that Niall has walked closer to me. He lifts my chin and kisses me.

"There is no one I'd rather be with than you," he whispers and kisses me again. This moment is ruined when someone comes out of the bathroom. I look over and see Zayn staring at us.

"Hey guys I was just about to leave so I will see you guys around," he says and he hurries out the door. I giggle as he does because he kind of just caught Niall and I kissing and he didn't know what to do.

"So what did your friends say about the whole tour thing?" Niall asks curiously.

"Well Shayla was totally on board but Ronnie barely said ten words to me," I say letting him in on what happened on the phone earlier. "She may just be shocked, I don't know but they are going to call me and tell me what their parents say," I inform him.

"Alright," he says and kisses me again on the lips and then he says, "Well would you like some breakfast?"

"Absolutely!" I say looking at all of the food he just made.

We eat and then we cuddle on the couch and watch some movies and then my phone starts vibrating. On the screen it says Ronnie :). I answer it with a hello.

"Hey, well my parents need some more convincing and so I said they could talk to Niall and they want to so is he available?" Ronnie says with a more warm tone to her voice.

"Uh yeah hold on," I say into the phone. "Niall, my friend Ronnie's parents want to talk to you," I say to him and he nods. "Ronnie?" I say making sure she is still there.

"Yeah?" she says.

"He can talk to them," I say and she hands the phone to her mom. "Hello Mary, it's Dallas. You would like to speak with Niall?" I ask very politely.

"Yes I would Dallas," she says.

"Here he is," I say handing the phone to Niall.

"Hello this is Niall," he says into the phone in his adorable Irish accent.

Niall and Mary (Ronnie's mom) talk for a long while and then Niall says, "Alright thank you Mary I will be sending someone to come and pick her up tomorrow then and she will be flying here to England and meeting up with Dallas and of course I will be there as well. Goodbye and have a great rest of your day." He hangs up the phone then.

"So she's coming?" I ask.

"Yes she is," Niall says.

"YES!" I yell in excitement. Then my phone starts buzzing again. This time on my phone screen it says Shayshay :). I answer and say, "Hey girl."

"Hey well my dad isn't convinced that it is really a tour with One Direction and I said he can talk to Niall and he said that isn't good enough so I mentioned Skype and now he wants to Skype with you and Niall," Shayla says.

"Alright I will get my computer," I say and I run into Niall's room and get my laptop out of its bag. "I got it but I have to get Niall's Wi-Fi password first," I say running back out to where Niall is. Niall gives me the password and I go onto Skype and call Shayla. "Hey!" I say at the sight of her face on my screen. "I miss you so much!" I say hanging up the phone that I now realized I was still talking into.

"I miss you too!" she says in a sad voice. "But the real reason we are here is for my dad, so here he is," Shayla says as she turns the screen onto her dad.

"Hi Cal, how are you?" I ask politely.

"I'm well Dallas, how are you?" he asks.

"I'm good. This is Niall from One Direction," I say pointing to Niall.

"Hello young man," Cal (Shayla's dad) says to Niall.

"Hello nice to meet you," Niall says with a smile.

"You as well. So my daughter tells me that you two want her in England tomorrow and then to go on a tour also," Cal says.

"That is correct sir," Niall says politely. "Dallas would really like her here with her while she is on tour with me and we are getting the girls a home school teacher so they will be keeping up with their studies and they will be under constant security," Niall ensures.

"Well that is all I needed but I wanted to make sure that is was really you so she can go to England and all of that just make sure she is safe," Cal says.

"Oh she will be sir, we have the best security ever, trust me. So I will have someone pick her up tomorrow and we will fly her here to England," Niall tells Cal and we end the call.

"I am even happier now that my friends are going to be here with me and I am with the best boyfriend in the world," I say hugging Niall around the neck.

"I'm happy that you're happy and that I have you with me Princess," Niall says kissing me on the cheek. Now I just have to wait for tomorrow.


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