Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


12. More Boys?

Niall and I are heading back to his place after we dropped off Shayla and Ronnie. We are silent in the car but it isn't awkward. All of a sudden Niall says, "I need food!"

"We just at the meal Harry made us," I say looking at him in disbelief. Harry made us all chicken and rice. It was really good and I never realized that he can really cook.

"Well I'm still hungry!" Niall whines.

"Well we are almost back to your flat and you can eat until you can't eat anymore," I say with a giggle. Niall has more food in his house than anyone I have ever met before.

"Will you feed me?" he asks with a wink.

"Of course," I say leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.

We get to his flat and once we get inside he goes straight to the kitchen and gets some cashews. He comes over to the couch where I have sat down and hands me the tin. He sits next to me and opens his mouth. I open the tin of cashews and place one in his mouth and then he leans towards me and kisses me. He then pulls away and chews the cashew while turning on the TV. We do this for about two hours and then we go to bed.




Niall said we are leaving at six o'clock tonight to leave on tour so I decided to spend the day checking out London with my friends while Niall gets ready for the tour. I leave and take the 20 minute walk over to Shayla and Ronnie's hotel. It is a really nice day out but a bit cooler than yesterday so I have on some black skinny jeans and a purple, V-neck, short sleeved shirt that clings to me in all the right places. I just slipped on my black and silver toms and my aviators. I have my little grey satchel slug over my shoulder and my hair is curled with a headband braid. When I finally get to the hotel I knock on the girls' door and Ronnie answers it and lets me in.

"You guys ready for our day of adventure?" I ask her enthusiastically.

"Yeah I am but I don't know about Shay," she says with a smirk.

"Not ready yet huh?" I ask with a giggle. Shay and I are always the last two to be ready to go somewhere but I had extra time this morning and I didn't have to share a bathroom with anyone since I stay at Niall's and he is a boy so the bathroom is pretty much all mine in the morning. Ronnie is always ready on time. Actually she is always ready early. Today she has her hair curled and swiped to the side. She is wearing a pair of light denim skinny jeans with a mint green, ruffles tank top. She has on a pair of white and blue high top Nikes and her favorite army green satchel. Tucked in the her shirt she has a pair of huge, round sunglasses.

"Ready!" we hear suddenly as the bathroom door bursts open and Shayla is standing there. Her outfit is super cute and consists of a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and a light purple three-quarter sleeve shirt. Her hair is down and straight like she normally has it but it works for her always. She comes over and slides on her light pink sparkly toms and grabs her tribal print satchel and aviators off of the table.

We head out the door and start walking. We aren't exactly sure where we are heading but we are just enjoying the day and each others company. We go into a couple of stores and we all buy a few new outfits for the tour and then we decide to get some lunch. We find this cute little café and head inside. It is slightly busy but there are still about six or so tables left. We go up to the counter and order. We all order subs and then we take a number and sit down at one of the open tables. We start talking about how we think school is going in Wisconsin and then our food comes. We start eating and talking about how excited we are for the tour when three British boys come up to our table. Two of them I recognize and one I don't. The two I recognize are Jack and Finn Harries, the twins on YouTube. They come up to the table and Finn says, "We couldn't help but notice you lovely ladies over here so we thought how nice it would be to meet you." I admit it, that was charming but he wasn't looking at me or Ronnie, he was looking straight at Shayla. The funny thing was that the boy I didn't recognize was staring straight at Ronnie and Jack was staring straight at...ME!

"Would you ladies like to hang out with us today?" Jack asks.

"Well it would be nice to have someone to show us around," Shayla says in her most innocent sounding voice.

"Oh are you girls American?" the boy with Jack and Finn asks.

"Yeah we are here and about to go on tour with....." Ronnie pauses not knowing if she can say we are going on tour with One Direction.

"With who?" Finn asks still not taking his off of Shayla.

"One Direction," I say in a soft voice trying to keep it down.

"No way!" Jack says in a shocked tone of voice.

"Yeah they invited us to go on tour with them and we leave tonight," I say.

"Cool well then if you girls are finished eating we can explore the city until you have to leave," Jack says looking at me with a smile.

"We're done!" We all say at the same time. We get to have super hot guys give us a personal tour of London. This is great.

We head out of the café and start walking. We introduce ourselves and we find out the other boys name is Isaac and he is friends with Jack and Finn. We get to this park and we all sit in this grassy area so we can talk.

"So how do you ladies like London so far?" Jack asks sitting next to me. He hasn't left my side since we met and he flirts with me a lot. I flirt back a little but nothing extreme because I have Niall and I just met Jack anyways. Shay and Finn are having their own conversation and she is flirting with him. He is flirting back and they are sitting really close together. Ronnie and Isaac really hit it off and are talking and laughing and flirting. Ronnie has a boyfriend back in Wisconsin but she has never really liked him. She just dates him so she has a boyfriend and she doesn't want to break his heart. The way she is talking to Isaac however, is way different than how she has every talked to any other boy. I have never seen her so flirty.

I better answer Jack's question. "I really like London. I could see myself living here someday," I say being the only one paying attention.

"So how is One Direction?" he asks me.

"They're good," I say thinking of Niall.

"It would be a dream to meet them. You're so lucky you get to meet them and go on tour with them," Jack says.

"Yeah, you know I could probably ask Niall if you, Finn and Isaac could come and meet the boys," I offer.

"Would you? That would be just cheeky!" Jack says perkily.

"Yeah I'll call him right now," I say grabbing my phone out of my satchel. I dial Niall's number and he answers with a 'hello love'. "Hey would it be cool if the girls and I brought back a few friends that we met to meet you and the boys?" I ask Niall in an innocent tone of voice.

'Definitely! I will be at Zayn's with the rest of the boys so just come there," Niall says.

"Ok, bye," I say hanging up. "He said you guys could come with us to meet them," I tell Jack.

"Awesome!" Jack says getting up. "Let's go!" We all start heading to Zayn's flat. When we get there I knock and Louis answers the door.

"Hey Lou," I say giving him a smile. We all shuffle into the flat and I introduce Jack, Finn, and Isaac to the boys. I look at Niall and his face looks extremely angry. I have never seen him like this and I don't like it. I go over to him and say, "Baby, what's wrong?"

"I do not like the way Jack is looking at you," he says with a scowl and his voice is cold.

"Babe, you are the only one I care about and the only guy I want," I say putting my hand on his knee.

"Your the only girl for me," Niall says with a slight smile but then he goes back to scowling. I look at Jack and he is watching us. I don't want to break his heart by kissing Niall so I go and sit by Liam on the couch where there is an open spot. Niall looks at me with a confused look as if saying 'why not sit on my lap?' but I just smile and he continues scowling at Jack. Jack continues looking at me and then I notice Finn and Shay are flirting and then I look at Harry. He has a very mad look on his face and is staring at them. Why is he mad? He told me he doesn't like her. This makes me a little jealous but I just shake that off because I have a wonderful boyfriend so I shouldn't care. It still is a little envy worthy. I don't like Harry like that. I like him more as a best friend but he told me he liked me not her. I'm used to this feeling though because back in Wisconsin at school this happened a lot. I would think a guy liked me but then he would end up liking Shay. I never minded it though because she was prettier and we are best friends so I wasn't going to let some stupid teenage boys wreck our friendship. It did hurt though. I was loving having Niall all to myself though. There was no way he was going to choose her over me. Anyways Ronnie and Isaac were still hitting it off and she was looking like she was having a great time.

"So why is that Jack lad staring at you?" Liam leans over and asks me softly.

"I think he likes me," I say.

"Doesn't he know you are taken?" Liam asks.

"I don't think so," I answer looking at Jack and then Niall. Niall is still staring Jack down and it kind of makes me giggle. I hope he really doesn't believe I would leave him for Jack. I would never do that.

"You better make that clear or he may try to steal you from Niall," Liam says looking at me with concern in his eyes. Like that would ever happen. I would definitely stop it before it does but it won't.

"I don't want to break his poor little heart," I say looking at Jack with a sad face.

"Better that happens then you breaking Niall's heart because that would be worse," Liam says looking at Niall.

"Yes that would break my own heart if I broke Niall's," I say looking at my boyfriend. Even with a scowl on his face he was still cute. "How should I let Jack know that Niall and I are together?" I ask Liam.

"I'd say either talk to Jack or just go over and kiss Niall right on the lips," Liam says with a grin. I think he wants the second option to happen. "Jack hasn't taken his eyes off of you since you got here so he would definitely see that," Liam says stating the obvious. He's right I could just act like I don't know Jack likes me. Then I would just be kissing my boyfriend. Besides I don't want to have that awkward conversation with Jack about me having a boyfriend and maybe he doesn't like me.

I walk over to Niall and plant a kiss right on his lips and when we pull away he is smiling. "What was that for?" he asks me with a huge grin on his face.

"Does there have to be a reason to kiss my extremely hot boyfriend?" I ask him quietly. He just shakes his head and kisses me again. I finally pull away after a few moments and he groans. I sit down on his lap and am forced to be directly facing Jack. His face is down and he is looking at the floor. I know I have to go and talk to him. I get up and walk over to him. "Jack, is everything ok?" I ask knowing that it isn't.

"No can I talk to you alone somewhere?" he asks. I nod and lead him to the door. We step outside and I make sure we can get back in before shutting the door. We are in the hallway leading to Zayn's flat and completely alone. "Dallas, I haven't been completely honest with you," Jack says looking at the ground.

"About?" I ask even though I know.

"I kind of fancy you a bit and I didn't know you and Niall were...." he trails off.

"I'm sorry I didn't know that. I should have told you I had a boyfriend," I say surprised even though I am not surprised at all.

"Well it isn't like the conversation came up at anytime," he says.

"Yeah I guess," I say not knowing what else I can say.

"It isn't your fault," he says and then he crashes his lips into mine.

I pull away and hold in all of the temptations to hit him. "Jack!" I yell and then I cover my mouth with my hand because I didn't mean to yell. "I have a boyfriend and you should most definitely not have done that," I say in a quieter tone.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me," he says backing up away from me.

"You should probably go," I say to him and he nods and turns around and starts walking. I head back inside and feel really bad. I feel like I just cheated on Niall. I go over Liam and ask if he can talk. He says he can and we head down the hall to Zayn's room. When we get inside Liam closes the door and I break down crying.

"What's wrong?" Liam asks rushing to my side. I tell him everything that just happened in the hall while crying softly and when I'm done I cry harder. Liam and I are sitting on Zayn's bed and he is rubbing my back. "It's alright Dallas. Niall will understand that it wasn't your fault and that you weren't cheating because Jack kissed you. You had no time to react or move away or stop him but you didn't kiss him back and you did the right thing," he says consoling me.

"I don't want this stupid boy to ruin everything between Niall and myself," I say crying.

"Do you want me to go and get Niall so you can talk to him?" Liam asks suggestively.

"I think that would probably be best," I say trying to stop crying and calm down. Liam leaves and in a few moments Niall comes into the room. His face looks very concerned when he notices that I have been crying.

"Princess what's wrong?" he asks coming to my side. I tell him everything and at first he is mad and shocked but by the end he is just nodding and rubbing my back. When I finish he says, "Dallas I know this isn't your fault it is his and this will not wreck our relationship it will only make it stronger."

This makes me smile and I kiss him passionately. "I love you Niall," I say before it can filter trough my brain.

"I love you too Princess," he says and kisses me more. We go back out to the living room and it is about time for us to leave on the tour. Finn has left but to my surprise Isaac is still here. He is still talking to Ronnie too.

"Ok lads and ladies we need to all go and get our bag from our places and meet back here," Louis says in an announcer voice. "Ready, GO!" he yells and we all head for the door. Ronnie hugs Isaac goodbye and he leaves as well.

"Wow, you guys sure hit it off," I say nudging her in the arm with my elbow.

"Yeah we did," she says with a grin.

"What about you and Finn?" I ask Shay.

"He was cute but I still have my eye on another guy," she says and I know she is talking about Harry.

"Well there is still time. Did you at least get his number?" I ask her. She nods and then I look at Ronnie. "And you?" I ask referring to the phone number of Isaac.

"Yup I got it," she says with a smile.

"You know what's funny though? Jack like disappeared," Shay states.

"Yeah I'll ah tell you guys about that later," I say not wanting to explain it again at the moment. They both nod and I'm glad they don't ask about it.

Niall and I drop the girls off at their hotel and tell them we will be back in 20 minutes. We head over to his place and make sure everything is ready for us to leave. We go over and pick up Ronnie and Shayla and then we head back to Zayn's where the tour bus is. The first part of the tour is by bus so I'm very happy since we don't have to fly yet. I don't hate flying but I would rather take a bus so I can spread out. We all hop on the bus and we are off to our first destination. And so the tour begins.

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