Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


15. Hate Already?

"The world officially knows about you. How does that feel?" Liam asks me while sitting down on the couch next to me.

"Kind of scary not gonna lie," I say but I can't help but smile knowing that I am officially Niall's girlfriend now that his fans know. I pull out my phone to go on Twitter like I always do just to see what's going on and I'm very shocked at what I see. There is tons of girls tweeting me mean things. I'm getting hate. I immediately want to go back to the hotel. I don't want to be here anymore. "Niall would you mind if I headed back to the hotel for a while, I, uh, kind of want to check on my mom," I lie. I mean I do want to check on my mom but I just want to leave.

"Sure do you want me to come along?" Niall says with a smile.

I try to force a smile back. "No it's ok, I'll just go myself. Ronnie and Shay can stay here with you guys. I wouldn't want anyone to miss anything important on my account," I say reassuringly.

"Could someone at least go with you? I am not completely comfortable with you going alone," Niall says with a worried expression on his face.

"I'll go," Liam says suddenly. "I forgot my watch at the hotel anyways so I can take her and bring her back safely and we will even take the car," Liam adds to assure Niall that I will be safe.

"Ok thanks Liam," Niall says looking at me to make sure it's alright that Liam takes me.

"Yeah Liam can take me I guess," I say.

"Alright well we will be back soon," Liam says to Niall and we start heading back to the hotel.

Once we arrive back at the hotel I go to my room. I hurry in the door and it shuts behind me. I take out my laptop and log on to Twitter. I start reading some of the hate. One girl told me to die, oh make that three girls told me to die. At least six other girls told me that I am ugly and don't deserve Niall. One girl says she hopes these hate tweets make me start cutting myself and that I bleed to death because then she can have Niall. I can't take it anymore I shut the laptop and start bawling. Suddenly I am aware of someone knocking on my door. I go and answer the door and there stands Liam and as soon as he sees me crying he pulls me into a massive hug. "Dallas what's wrong?" he asks me with concern.

"I'm already getting hate Li and it hasn't even been two hours," I bawl into his shoulder.

He takes my head in his hands and says, "Dallas, those girls are jealous fans that don't even know you. Hell they aren't even real fans if they send our girlfriends hate." He then takes me over to the bed and we sit. "I have just the thing for you," he says and he gets out his phone. It looks like he sends a text and then he gets not one or two but three texts back. What is he doing? Then there is a knock on my door about three minutes later. He goes and answers it and Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie walk in the room. Liam excuses himself so us girls can talk.

"So Liam tells us you have received some hate?" Eleanor states.

"Yeah and it hasn't even been two hours since the interview," I say with my eyes filling with tears.

"Don't worry darling because we have all gotten hate and it sucks, we know, but you can't let it bring you down," Danielle tells me and she is right I have just never thought of them getting hate. They do though and now I do too and they still are just happy girls that are dating some of the boys and I need to be the happy girl dating Niall.

"Wow, I know you didn't say much but you're right I need to show that the hate doesn't affect me and just be happy with Niall," I say but deep down inside it still really hurts.




"Princess I am so sorry!" Niall apologizes to me once we get back to where he is and I didn't even have to tell him about the hate because he already saw it.

"Babe, I don't care what those girl say I just want to be with you," I say reassuringly.

"I'm still sorry that you even have to be in this situation. If I wouldn't have told the world about us this wouldn't be happening," Niall says worryingly.

"Niall, I would have rather had the world find out about us that way than the paparazzi taking pictures of us out somewhere," I say and I'm serious. I would rather tell the world than have them find out. Then I would probably get more hate than I already am getting and Niall would probably get it too.

"So you aren't mad that we told them today in that interview?" Niall asks me and I can't help but smile because that's when I think, 'Everyone that watched that interview knows I am Niall Horan's girlfriend.'

"I'm glad we did it today. It was time," I say and then I kiss him passionately because he is the best boyfriend ever.

"Ugh, get a room," I hear Louis say from across the room.



I just can't stop staring at Harry. He is so cute. I have to talk to him. I walk over to where he is sitting on the couch. "Hey Harry," I say nonchalantly.

He looks up. "Oh, hey Shayla," Harry says and he smiles and his adorable dimples show on his face.

"I feel like we don't talk enough," I say just being friendly but I really do want us to talk more so I can get to know him and he can get to know me.

"You're right, we need to hang out more. How about tonight? I could kick Louis out of our room and we could order room service and watch some movie," Harry says. Wait did he just ask me out?

"Sure," I say trying to keep my excitement under control.

"Ok well I will see you tonight in my room. Do you want me to pick you up?" he says with a smirk. He's funny.

"Well if you want to be a gentleman," I say and I cant help but giggle a little.

"9:30 it is then. I will pick you up at your room," Harry says with a wink. I can't believe I am going to spend the night with Harry. This is like a dream come true and I have Dallas to thank. If she wouldn't have met Niall, I would never have met Harry. I better thank her or at least tell her.

"See you then," I say with a smile and then I get up and walk over to where Dallas and Niall are talking with their faces really close together and they are looking deep into each others eyes. They are so cute together. I am so happy for her. She needed a good guy for once in her life. I never told her but I knew Kyle was a jerk. One time I heard him talking to his friends and he said that he just wanted to go out with Dallas so he could get some. I was about to tell her when she left for this tour or what I thought at the time was her going to California. She is way better off with Niall. "Hey girl," I say when I come up to the two of them. They both turn their heads towards me with wide eyes like I witnessed them murdering someone and they knew they were busted. "Did I interrupt something?" I ask them suspiciously.

"It depends on if you heard what we were talking about," Dallas says and then I know they were talking about something that they didn't want anyone hearing.

"I didn't hear anything," I say truthfully.

"Then no you aren't interrupting a thing," Dallas says with a smile. She is a horrible liar. I always had to lie for her because she couldn't do it or we would be caught.

"Ok well could I talk to you privately?" I say to her and Niall gets the hint and goes over by Liam.

"What is it?" Dallas asks me.

"I am hanging out with Harry in his room tonight," I whisper not wanting anyone else to hear.

"Really?!" Dallas shouts and then she quickly slaps her hand over her mouth. Everyone is looking at us now with confused expressions on their faces.

"Sorry guys, girl issues go back to your business," I say trying to cover it up. All the boys must have thought the same thing because they all got disturbed looks on their faces and looked away. I love pulling that card.

"Sorry, but that's awesome," Dallas whispers.

"Thanks I am super pumped," I say and glance at Harry. He is just sitting on his phone.



I can't believe Harry and Shay are going to hang out tonight. I am so happy for her. I know how much she has dreamed of this and wanted it and now it's happening. It is how I feel about Niall. I always fantasized about dating him like all of the other directioners but now it is real. I wish Ronnie could have her dream come true but the Big Time Rush guys are a little old for her. I just feel like she isn't happy with Trey, her current boyfriend. I feel like she is just still with him because she doesn't want to be single.



I have been talking to Isaac pretty much nonstop for the past two days. I really like him. I just feel bad because I have a boyfriend so I can't really date him. Maybe I should just break things off with Trey. I know he's a nice guy and everything and I guess I love him but he just isn't the one. I would a whole lot happier with Isaac. He is sweet, funny, cute, passionate and he likes me. I didn't tell the girls but earlier when I was on the phone with him while Dallas was getting ready, Isaac told me that he would date me in a heart beat. I would do the same if it weren't for Trey. I just can't imagine breaking up with him while I'm away. It would crush him. I should do it soon though so I can be happy. Maybe I should just do it tomorrow to get it over with.

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