Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


10. Girls

We arrive at the airport at 11:55. We head inside the airport and Niall has on sunglasses so hopefully no one will recognize him. We stand near luggage claim and wait for the people off of Shayla and Ronnie's flight to come and get their bags. Finally after 15 minutes of standing there people start coming over to claim their luggage and then I see them. My best friends in the whole world. They see me too and we all run towards each other and embrace in a group hug and we start laughing. I can't believe that they are here with me, in London.

"I missed you guys so much!" I squeal.

"I missed you too!" Shayla squeals back.

"Same here," Ronnie says hugging me again.

"Well come and meet my boyfriend," I say motioning for them to follow me and they do. We go over to where Niall and Paul are standing.

Before I can introduce them Paul says, "This would be better to do in the car." I just nod and my friends go and collect their luggage and then the five of us head to the car.

Once we get to the car, the three of us girls slide into the back seat and Niall gets in the passenger seat and Paul gets in the drivers seat after putting the girls' luggage in the trunk. "Well girls this is Niall," I say putting my hand on his shoulder. He puts his hand on mine and we leave them there. "Niall this is Shayla and this is Ronnie," I say pointing to them with my other hand when I say each of their names. 

"Hello," Niall says in his super cute Irish accent.

"Hi," Shayla says with her eyes wide. She is obviously star-struck.

"Hey," Ronnie says all relaxed as if she has known him forever. The rest of the ride I catch up with my friends on what has happened in the few days that I have been gone and they say that Kyle has asked them everyday where I am and they kept telling him that I moved to California. At this being said I feel Niall's hand squeeze mine as if saying I am his. I know I am and I don't even like Kyle anymore. He was just a silly little crush but Niall is mine and I don't ever want that to change. I squeeze his shoulder to let him know that I am his.

When we get to Niall's, Paul parks the car and gets the bags from the trunk while Niall gets out and opens my door for us to get out. He is such a gentleman. I hop out of the car and he kisses me on the cheek and then offers a hand to the girls as they hop out too. We all head up to Niall's flat as Niall gets the two suitcases from Paul and carries them up. I offer to help carry them and so do the girls but he refuses to let us help. When we get inside Niall says he is going to go outside and call Louis so we can change and get ready. I kiss him quickly before he steps out and then Shayla and Ronnie start getting ready to meet the boys.

When they are fully ready Shayla has on a pair of baby blue skinny jeans on and a navy blue, ruffled tank top on and a pair of gray high top wedges for shoes. Her hair is wavy and she has head band braided it. Ronnie on the other hand has on light skinny jeans and a light green tank top on that has a black anchor on the front. She has on blue vans and her hair in in a side braid.

We head out the door to find Niall sitting on the wall next to it sleeping. I lean down and kiss him on the nose and back up. He jumps awake and gets to his feet. "Sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep," he says guiltily.

"It's fine Baby. You could have come in. It is your apartment," I say feeling bad that he was sitting on the floor outside of his own apartment.

"I thought I would give you girls some alone time and so I just waited out here," he said with a smile. "Anyways are you guys ready to go to check into your hotel?" he asks.

"Yeah," Shayla says grabbing her luggage from inside the door and Ronnie does the same. Niall lets them carry them this time because they won't let them out of their hands. We head to over to their hotel and check them into their room. We take them up and we drop off their bags and then we leave to go to Louis and Harry's flat. When we get to the flat Shayla just stops dead in her tracks when she sees the door. "Holy crap," she whispers and she looks like she is going to pass out. "Am I really about to meet One Direction?" she asks herself. Shayla and I are extreme directioners and this is our dream but I already am used to seeing Niall since he is my boyfriend but she isn't so she is freaking out. It still kind of makes me get all nervous and excited to see the boys too.

"Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle are going to be here too so you three with get to meet them as well," Niall informs us.

"Ok, well are you coming Shay?" I ask her.

"Yeah of course!" she shrieks and walks towards us. Niall knocks on the door and Zayn opens the door and lets us in. I give all of the boys hugs and introduce them to Shayla and Ronnie. The other girlfriends aren't here yet so we are the only girls with five very handsome boys. Shayla can't stop looking at Harry. He is gorgeous I know but she needs to compose herself a little.

"Harry where is your bathroom?" I ask.

"Down the hall and it is the second door on the left," he answers not looking up from his phone in his hands.

"Ok thanks," I say with a smile even though he doesn't look at me. I grab Shayla and Ronnie follows. I take her down the hall but we don't go into the bathroom, we just go to where the boys can't see us anymore. "Shay you should probably stop staring at Harry as much," I say.

"I'm sorry I can't help it. He is just so hot," she says.

"Well just try not to as much so he doesn't think your weird," I say.

"Fine. I'll try," she says. We go back to the living room where all of the boys are and right as we walk in there is a knock on the door.

"I GOT IT!" Louis yells and runs to the door. He is so cute. He answers it and gives Eleanor a huge hug. I take back what I said about him being cute because I should have said THEY are so cute. I know who all of the girls are but they have no idea who me or my friends are. Louis takes Eleanor's hand and brings her in and the other two girls follow behind. "Girls this is Dallas, Niall's girlfriend, and her two best friends Shayla and Ronnie," Louis says introducing us. "Other girls this is Eleanor, my girlfriend, Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend, and Danielle, Liam's girlfriend," Louis finishes. All of us girls say hi to one another and then we all go and hang out in the living room with the boys. then Louis has his crazy idea again. "How about we play Truth or Dare to break the ice?" he says to all of us and of course all of the boys agree.


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