Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


1. Friday

Many people say I'm pretty but I don't believe them. My two best friends are the people who say it the most. Veronica and Shayla have been my best friends for three years now and they are the pretty ones. I'm Dallas by the way.


It's Friday. I just sit on the bleachers watching the football game with Veronica, or as we call her Ronnie, and Shayla. We are winning like always so the crowd is really loud with everyone screaming. I usually don't care about football, I mean I never used to until he joined the team. By "he" I mean Kyle.

Kyle and I had started talking a lot over the summer and he told me he was going to be on the football team. Kyle has always been amazing at football but he never played for our team. His dad always had him be on club teams and finally Kyle told his dad he wanted to be on the school team. His dad wasn't happy but Kyle was because he wanted to play with our classmates. So now in our junior year of high school, there he is on the football field wearing our school colors.

I have the biggest crush on Kyle. He is the only boy I can be myself with but I don't think he will date me. I never get the boy I want. I am so certain it is because I'm not super pretty like some of the other girls at my school. I have dark brown, wavy, waist length hair and blue eyes. My face is heart shaped and I'm petite. I have an average body, not too big but not super small. I know what your thinking, you sound pretty. Sorry to disappoint but I'm really not. At least not compared to Ronnie and Shayla.

Lets start with Ronnie. She is this little glamour child with her long black curly hair and beautiful features that accent everything just right. Her eyes however are the best feature of all. She has these chocolate brown eyes that make all the boys melt. She is short but it works for her. Ronnie however has a boyfriend that she has had for the last year but boys still hit on her.

Shayla is what you call gorgeous. Her caramel brown hair and caramel brown eyes are perfect. Her hair is as long as mine but is straight and silky smooth. Her eyes knock any boy too his knees. Literally boys just melt like she is a little puppy when she looks at them. Her body is the perfect body. She is small but she is average height. Guys hit on her daily but she just flirts because she is looking for the right boy not just one that thinks she is super hot.

The football game is over and I couldn't stop watching Kyle the whole time. Ronnie, Shayla, and I all leave and go back to Ronnie's house to spend the night.

In her basement they both look at me and start laughing. "What?" I ask really confused.

"You never took your eyes off of Kyle the whole game!" Ronnie shouts.

"Umm...can you blame me?" I ask jokingly.

"Dallas, you are so in love with him!" Shayla squeals.

"I am not!" I say defensively.

"Are so!" they both say in unison.

"Fine I am but it isn't like we are ever going to happen," I say looking at my hands.

"Why not you are super smoking and you two get along super well?" Shayla says.

"I don't know I'm tired. Let's go to sleep," I say trying to end this conversation. Luckily it works.




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