Why Me?

Dallas isn't super popular and hardly ever gets the boy. She has her two best friends until the end but what will happen when she can't tell them her biggest secret because of the crazy fame? She has to hide her new love and doesn't know if she can.


13. Finally the Tour Starts

I sleep pretty much the whole ride to Liverpool. It is about a four hour ride from London and so I decided I would get rested up so that I could be pumped up at the concerts tomorrow night. We get there at about 10 o'clock that night and we all check into our hotel rooms and head to bed.

Niall and I got a room together and we walk in to see two beds. So I throw my stuff on one and Niall throws his stuff on the other. Finally a whole bed to myself. I don't mind sleeping with Niall and actually he is quite easy to sleep with but it is nice to have your own bed sometimes. I go and change into my navy blue, fuzzy pajama pants and a gray t-shirt of Niall's and am about to hop into the bed that I threw my stuff on about ten minutes ago when there is knock on the door. Niall is already in his bed and looks at me as if to say 'please get the door'. So I go over the door and open it to see Zayn standing there with a pillow. "What are you doing here?" I ask him curiously looking at the pillow in his hand.

"Liam and I got into an argument so I told him I would find somewhere else to sleep, could I stay here please?" Zayn asks with a smile.

"Come on in," I say opening the door wider. Maybe I should go and sleep in the room with Liam because then I won't have to share a bed. Zayn just stole my bed.

"Thanks," Zayn says entering the room. I move my stuff off of the bed I was going to sleep in and put it on the floor. I then climb into bed next to Niall. Almost as soon as I place my head on the pillow I fall asleep. Even though I just slept the whole four hour drive here but I am still really tired.




When I wake up I am shocked to find no one in the room with me. I get up and go to the bathroom and then when I come back out there is still no one here. I walk out of our room and go two doors down to Liam's room, where Zayn was supposed to stay the night before. I knock on the door and wait for someone to answer the door. There is no answer so I put my ear up to the door to see if I can hear anyone talking inside but it is completely silent. I knock one more times just to be sure and there is still no answer so I go to the room in between Liam's and mine, which is Louis and Harry's room, and I knock a couple of times and then wait. No answer. Where is everyone? I go across the hall where Shayla and Ronnie's room is and I knock kind of hard because I am slightly irritated that n one is answering the door and I can't find anyone. I wait for a second and then a very tired looking Ronnie answers the door. "FINALLY SOMEONE ANSWERS THE DOOR!" I huff and walk past her into their room.

"Good morning to you too," Ronnie says in a raspy 'I just woke up' voice.

"I'm sorry it's just that no one was in my room when I woke up and none of the boys are answering their doors," I say with an aggravated tone to my voice.

"Did you check if Niall left you a note or something?" Ronnie asks. There she goes again thinking about everything I haven't.

"No I didn't think about that," I said sheepishly.

"Well go and check. I will even leave the door unlocked so you can come back here," she says pointing to the door. I left the room and unlock my door and head inside. I look by the bed and there is a note.

It say, 'Princess, good morning beautiful! The lads and meself had to go and get our clothes ready for the show tonight but will be back around 11. I love you! -Niall'. He is so cute! I just want to kiss him but he isn't here. I guess I will have to wait. I look at the alarm clock on the table and see that it is 10:45. He is going to be back in 15 minutes! I better get ready so I look pretty for him when he gets back.




It is five after 11 and there is a knock on my door. I'm guessing it is Niall and he forgot his key. I got ready super fast and put on some coral colored skinny jeans and a light grey t-shirt. I put my hair in a fish-tail braid to the side and put on a bit on eyeliner and mascara.

I go over to the door and open it. To my surprise it is Harry and he has a mischievous smile on his face. "Uh, hi Harry?" I say confused as to why he is at the door and not Niall, and why does he have that look on his face?

"Hello Love come with me," he says with a wink. Oh no what is happening here? I am so confused. I follow him down the hall but we don't stop at any of the rooms. We keep going until we reach the elevator.

"Harry, where are we going? I would really like to see my boyfriend," I say and Harry just rolls his eyes. He doesn't answer me he just gets in the elevator and I follow then he presses three buttons. The buttons he pushes are the 4th floor, the 1st floor and the 10th floor. We are staying on the 5th floor so I have no idea what is going on and why he pushed three buttons. The elevator stops at the 4th floor first but Harry just hits the door close button and we are going down to the 1st floor. The doors open on the first floor and then he pushes the door close button again and we head up to the 10th floor. The 10th floor is the top floor of the hotel so I have no idea why we would be going up there.

The doors open on the 10th floor and Harry grabs my hand and drags me to a stair case. We start climbing the stairs to the roof. Then Harry pushes the door open and I see something that makes my jaw drop. 

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