Love is Like Fireworks

This story is for a competition so I will not give anything away! Enjoy!


1. My Valentine's Day With Harry


Riley's POV

I cannot believe I have a date with Harry Styles. I hope this outfit is good for tonight. Especially on Valentine's Day. My outfit consists of some nice pink skinny jeans, a purple Jack Wills jacket, a black scarf, and my hair in romantic curls. Riley Arredondo is my name. I have some big brown eyes, with a darkish complexion, and I am curvy. My hair is dark brown, and the length is to my lower back. Of course I am Hispanic, and that is good! 

I go off to where Harry told me to meet him at. I cannot see a thing, until I see a teddy bear sitting on a table with a red rose and a note in it's hand. I smelled the rose, and I know for sure Harry was up to this. I read the note out loud.

If you want to find me you have to follow the red rose petals...


I smiled like an imbecile, and I searched the ground for the petals. I finally found the path, and followed it. The thought of him being so romantic gave me butterflies. I reached a pond with rose petals all around and tea lights on the lily pads. I smiled and saw another note. 

Keep going Riley... You are very close!


I kept going and I found this little boat with a boy on it. I walked towards him, and I could recognize his blonde hair anywhere. "Climb aboard Riley. Harry is waiting for you." I read the little boat's name and it literally said S.S. Romantic! He reached out for my hand to help me aboard the S.S. Romantic. He started singing as we rowed along the river. Wow Harry really outdid himself. This is all for me? I realized that I saw a curly mop of hair by the bank. We reached the curly cutie, and Harry and Niall helped me out. I bowed, "Why thank you kind sir!" "Ma lady!" Harry kissed my hand like we were in The Notebook. I giggled and he smiled his famous dimply smile. We reached the top of the hill with tea lights and candles leading us to our destiny. He set up a picnic under the stars. How romantic! We finished our dinner and we laid back watching the stars twinkle with energy. "Riley, could I tell you something?" "Sure, what is it Harry?" I looked up at his piercing green eyes with such love. He quickly leaned down and kissed me softly. We separated. "Look up at the sky." I did just that. When there was nothing but the stars I started to question his sanity. As I was about to say something a big BOOM and a ray of colors came from the sky. I looked at it amazed. I looked at Harry who was watching my expression. He smiled and leaned in for a quick kiss. We were pulled apart when there was some water hitting my face. It started to rain. "Did you plan rain as well Harry?" He looked amazed. "Actually, I forgot to look at the weather this morning, so no, I did not." I thought for a minute just sitting in the rain. "I have an idea." I grabbed him from the ground. I started to dance in the rain. Harry joined me after how much fun he saw me having. I was having the time of my life. I finally stopped, and I faced Harry. His emerald eyes were so mesmerizing I forgot where I was. Suddenly the words just came flowing out of my mouth. "I love you Harry." He smiled, "I love you, too." With that I had my passionate kiss in the rain. Well I can check that off of my bucket list! "Thank you for tonight Harry." "No problem. It was easy." I can honestly say this was by far the BEST Valentine's Day...ever!

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