Hey! well .. I think I would know a lot about this topic. So .. I hope you enjoy it!


2. The effects of bullying.

Bullying effects people. I know if you have ever bullied someone it may not have seemed like it bothered the person but bullying can leave long-term effects such as Depression, Cutting, and Low self- esteem. Stop and think for a second if someone told you every single day that your useless or that nobody liked you, eventually you would feel bad about yourself. I know what some of  you think "Oh well it wouldn't bother me." well all i'm saying is that if you actually were bullied consistently I can just about guarantee that eventually it would bother you .. Take it form someone who's been bullied. I know I'm only 13 but I think I know enough about the topic to actually know what i'm talking about. If you think that bullying is funny or something to laugh about i'm sorry but you have another  thing coming because it's far from funny. Did you ever think that  what you say actually hurts? Did you ever think of the effects it can leave on people? did you ever think some people want to kill themselves because you think it's some big joke? I've been bullied for just about everything.. The way I look, The fact I can't see well, home issues, being hyper-active, Being "small.".. But i'm past that \, i'm better then people who have to make others feel bad to please themselves. Yeah my life's not perfect. i'm sure yours isn't either..Look at your own flaws before you go around pointing out everyone else's 

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